Czech Republic
One of these days,
I’m going to cut you into little pieces
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Beef Apr 7 @ 7:41am 
ongratulations, you officially managed to ruin my fun in TF2 and make me leave out of sheer sadness

You're in no position to spread negativity and insults on TF2, and your actions have not gone unnoticed. Steam support will be alerted of your misbehavior via my community moderator high priority reports.

I still hope you have a nice day, and maybe the temporary game ban and moderation warning will give you some time to think of how horrible your mistreatment of other players can make them feel.
Beef Apr 2 @ 5:58am 
do you guys want to play roblox?
HighFrog Apr 1 @ 7:41am 
mln Mar 31 @ 5:20am 
Stop asking me to buy your copy pasta
KALYY Mar 15 @ 6:21am 
Accepted the offer :))))
Vodka doge Mar 3 @ 9:36am