Oliver   Northeim, Niedersachsen, Germany
:GERMANREICH: :GERMAN: :GERMANREICH: .>>---» Important Information below «---<<. :GERMANREICH: :GERMAN: :GERMANREICH:

:yield_sign:1. I Send you a Friendrequest and you accepted! What now?:yield_sign:

If I don't answer to you immediatly, PLEASE don't kick me from it bc some mysteries called "RealLife" makes it sometimes impossible to answer in that moment you send me a message!!!
Things like:
Different Timezones (in Germany we use CET)
I am working from 8am till 4pm CET
I have a incredible nice wife (also working) and two really cute little Kids (Daughter 3 years old and a Son 2 years old)!
They are really cute but also "Chaos" ;)

:yield_sign:2. You send me a request but never get respond? What now?:yield_sign:

a.) You are lower/or just Steam Level 3, so Chrome AddOn BLOCKS you automatically!

b.) You are higher than Level 3 but DIDN'T made a lousy comment WHY I should add you! If a comment is too much for you = an accept is too much for me ;)

Maybe ask someone in my friendlist to unblock you or comment on profile, No Problem! (It's better to always post a comment, just to let me know what you want!!!)

:yield_sign:3. I removed you from my friendlist! What now?:yield_sign:

Maybe I did it because we never talked?
Maybe I did it because you weren't "online" for more than 25 Days!?
Maybe because I wanted to get a Skin from you, but got it from someone else!
In case of Skin: I would keep you in it if you are from Europe (prefering Germany)
But if you think: Hey that's a really nice guy, then just send a new FriendRequest to get back on my friendlist ;)

BTW: I AM a nice and friendly Guy, if I would have friends they could confirm it!!!

BTW2: THIS is the REAL me:
| steamname: ☆Becky'sFootSlave™☆
| steam3ID: [U:1:43925226]
| steamID32: STEAM_0:0:21962613
| steamID64: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198004190954
| customURL: http://steamcommunity.com/id/beckysfootslave
| steamrep: http://steamrep.com/profiles/76561198004190954
(THIS is my ONLY Account I DON'T use any others!!!)

BFS Twitch Channel [www.twitch.tv]
PROUD Backer of Theme Park Studio Platinum [www.purchase.themeparkstudio.com]

One Admin of the German translation team for "Subnautica"
You can join us here [translate.unknownworlds.com] to help us (sign up first)

Great Fan of SK Gaming [www.sk-gaming.com]


Case: CoolerMaster HAF-X BigTower
MotherBoard: ASUS Crosshair Formula-Z
CPU: AMD FX-8150 3.6Ghz @4.3Ghz
CPU-Cooler: Prolimatech Genesis, 3x140 Metal-Vents
GPU: KFA2 nvidia GeForce GTX 970 Black Edition (4GB DDR5)
RAM: GSkill 16GB 1866 DDR3
Keyboard: Steelseries Apex M800
Mouse: MIONIX Castor (best mice)
Mousepad: MIONIX Alioth XXL
Monitor: Samsung 24"
Sound: ASUS ROG xonar phoebus
HeadSet: ASUS ROG Orion Pro 7.1
WebCam: Logitech HD C920
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Artwork Showcase
2 2
James Bond 007▔ vs. LεεtKяεw
:mark: CT Side (James Bond (0.007 FV)) Skins: :mark:

Huntsman - vanilla - " Becky said YES!!! " (to honour the best wife a man could have ;)

P2000 - Ivory - " Walther P99 " :ok:
USP-S - Kill Confirmed - " You only Live Twice " :ok: Thanks to:
USP-S - Cyrex - " You only Live Twice " :ok:
Dual Berettas - Ventilators - " World is not enough " :ok: Thanks to:
P250 - Franklin - " Miss Moneypenny " :ok: Thanks to:
Five-Seven - Hot Shot - " Tomorrow never Dies " :ok: Thanks to:
Five-Seven - Anodized Gunmetal - " Walther PPK " :ok:
CZ75-Auto - Victoria - " Die another Day " :ok: Thanks to:
Deagle - Blaze - " James 'Bond' 007 " :ok: Thanks to:
Deagle - Golden Koi - " Goldfinger " :ok: Thanks to:
R8 - Reboot - " Dr. No " :ok: Thanks to:

Nova - Graphite - " Quantum of Solace " :ok: Thanks to:
XM1014 - BlackTie - " Never say Never agn " :ok: (Project started here)
MAG-7 - Silver - " Aston Martin DBS V12 " :ok: Thanks to:
M249 - Spectre - " Spectre " (what else?) :ok: Thanks to:
Negev - Desert Strike - " The Living Daylights " :ok: Thanks to:

MP9 - Airlock " Moonraker " :ok: Thanks to:
MP7 - Special Delivery - " From Russia w/ Love " :ok: Thanks to:
UMP-45 - Blaze - " Thunderball " :ok: Thanks to:
P90 - Asiimov - " Licence to Kill " :ok: Thanks to:
PP-Bizon - Brass - " Man w/ Golden Gun " :ok: Thanks to:

FAMAS - Styx - " Live and let Die " :ok: Thanks to:
FAMAS - Mecha Industries - " Live and let Die ":ok:
M4A4 - Royal Paladin - " Casino Royal(e) " :ok: Thanks to:
M4A1-S - Golden Coil - " GoldenEye " :ok: Thanks to:
SSG08 - Ghost Crusader - " A View to a Kill " :ok: Thanks to:
AUG - Aristocrat - " Skyfall " :ok: Thanks to: and Thanks to:
AWP - Elite Build - " For your Eyes only " :ok: Thanks to:
SCAR-20 - Cyrex - " The Spy who loved me " :ok: Thanks to:

:weed: T Side (LεεtKяεw (0.1337 FV)) Skins: :weed:

Karambit - Rust Coat - " +55 Poison Damage "

Glock-18 - Wasteland Rebel - " LK, for we are many! " :ok: Thanks to:
Dual Berettas - Dualing Dragons - " Chip 'n' Dale " :ok: BIG Thanks to:
P250 - Mehndi - " Indian Wedding " :ok: Thanks to:
Tec-9 - Toxic - " InTOXICation " :ok: Thanks to:
CZ75 - Red Astor - ":riddle:" :ok: Thanks to:
Deagle - Oxide Blaze - " Elliot 'X' 1337 " :ok:
Deagle - Kumicho Dragon - " Desolation of Smaug " :ok: Thanks to:
R8 - Llama Cannon - " Dirty Harry " :ok:

Nova - Blaze Orange - " The ONLY ONE!!! " :ok: BIG Thanks to:
XM1014 - Blaze Orange - " The ONE and ONLY " :ok: BIG Thanks to:
Sawed-Off - The Kraken - " Davy Jones . ☠ " :ok: Thanks to:
Sawed-Off - Limelight - " Tequila w/ LemonShot " :ok: (BUFU @ "Blizzard"!!!)
Sawed-Off - Wasteland Princess - " Daddy's Lil Monster " :ok:
M249 - Emerald Poison Dart -" Plague #2: Frogs " :ok:
M249 - Spitting Cobra - PLEASE VOTE!!!
Negev - Bratatat - " Pif... Paf... " :ok: Thanks to:

MAC-10 - Curse - " Khufu " :ok: Thanks to:
MP7 - Nemesis - " Resident Evil 3 " :ok: Thanks to:
UMP-45 - Primal Saber - " Kellogg's Frosties " :ok: Thanks to:
P90 - Virus - " Fear t/ Walking Dead " :ok: Thanks to:
P90 - Grim - " Ezekiel 25:17 ":ok: Thanks to:
PP-Bizon - Fuel Rod - " -=[ Ooze Gun ]=- " :ok: Thanks to:

GalilAR - Cerberus - " Hound of Hades " :ok: Thanks to:
AK-47 - Wasteland Rebel - " 1337's United!!! " :ok: BIG Thanks to:
AK-47 - Black Laminate - " Baghira " :ok: BIG Thanks to:
SSG08 - Necropos - " Flying PREDATOR " :ok: Thanks to:
SSG08 - Dragonfire - "" Ancalagon the Black "" :ok:
SSG08 - Death's Head - " Silence of the Lambs " :ok:
SG553 - Bulldozer - " Grave Diggin' Bull " :ok: Thanks to: and Thanks to:
AWP - Sun in Leo - " Sun in Aquarius " :ok: (Medusa = none dropped till now) Thanks to:
AWP - Hyper Beast - " myBeast IN ur Beauty " :ok: Thanks to:

Thanks to: Link = Profile of the nice and good m8 that helped me :D THANK YOU!!!
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                                :weed: :1337: :weed: .>>---» T.R.A.D.E-L.I.N.K «---<<. :weed: :1337: :weed:

    ⇓     ⇓     ⇓     ⇓     :GERMANREICH: :GERMAN: :GERMANREICH: .>>---» D O N A T O R S «---<<. :GERMANREICH: :GERMAN: :GERMANREICH:

THANKS and best wishes goes out to these incredible people here! I thank them just as much as one who would have donated me a Medusa! No joke! Thank you!!!

:SpaceStar: Koppchen donated the G3SG1 Orange Crash
:phoenixstar: Thai Mingh การจับเ donated a Nametag
:SpaceStar: Mr.Chill donated the Sawed-Off Bamboo Shadow
:phoenixstar: Roz. donated a Nametag
:SpaceStar: senteq donated 3 Nametags
:phoenixstar: SharkHY donated the XM1014 Red Python
:SpaceStar: ☆DeLuXe☆ donated the Glock-18 Catacombs
:phoenixstar: Rövdoktorn donated the Dual Berettas Cartel
:SpaceStar: Belanator donated the M249 Nebula Crusader

    ⇑     ⇑     ⇑     ⇑     :GERMANREICH: :GERMAN: :GERMANREICH: .>>---» D O N A T O R S «---<<. :GERMANREICH: :GERMAN: :GERMANREICH:

                                         :GERMANREICH: :GERMAN: :GERMANREICH: .>>---» INFO «---<<. :GERMANREICH: :GERMAN: :GERMANREICH:

DreamLoadout = COMPLETED!!! (only exception = both knives (in case of float))

Here a list of skins I also would like to have (just for skipping/changing/fun):

SSG08 - Abyss - "Deep Blue Sea" :ok:
Deagle - Conspiracy - :ok: Thanks to:
PP-Bizon - Modern Hunter - :ok: Thanks to:
Deagle - Cobalt Disruption - :ok: Thanks to:
XM1014 - Red Leather - :ok: Thanks to: and Thanks to:
Deagle - Midnight Storm - :ok: "Q's Secret" Thanks to:
Deagle - Corinthian - :ok: "Brothers and Sisters"
SG553 Triarch - :ok:
Deagle - Sunset Storm 壱 - :ok: "Sea of Blood & Pain"
Deagle - Naga - :ok:
Deagle - Meteorite - :ok:
XM1014 - Bone Machine - :ok: Thanks to:
Tec-9 - Fuel Injector - :ok:
Sawed-Off - Bamboo Shadow - "Black Death" :ok: Thanks to:
MAC-10 - Rangeen - :ok: Thanks to:
Nova - Hyper Beast - :ok: Thanks to:
Tec-9 - Isaac - :ok: Thanks to:
Deagle - Heirloom - :ok: Thanks to:
Nova - Bloomstick - :ok: Thanks to:
SSG08 - BigIron - ""Real Steel"" :ok: Thanks to:
M4A4 - Evil Daimyo - :ok: Thanks to:
Tec-9 - Hades - :ok: Thanks to:
M4A1-S - Cyrex - :ok: Thanks to:
UMP-45 - Caramel - :ok: Thanks to:
SG553 - Aerial - :ok: Thanks to:
MP7 - Skulls - :ok: Thanks to:
XM1014 - TecluBurner - :ok: Thanks to:
AK-47 - Cartel - :ok: Thanks to:
AWP - Boom - :ok: Thanks to: (even not a good trade (overprized))
PP-Bizon - Judgement of Anubis - :ok: Thanks to:
SSG08 - Detour - :ok: Thanks to:
M249 - Shipping Forecast - :ok: Thanks to:
AWP - WormGod - :ok:
Deagle - Directive - :ok: (crafted the float myself and have the ONLY one)
USP-S - Lead Conduit - :ok:
Glock-18 - Reactor - :ok:
Nova - Rising Skull - :ok:
MP7 - Impire - :ok:
XM1014 - Oxide Blaze :ok:
Nova - Wild Six :ok:
Nova - Rising Skull :ok:
AWP - Oni Taiji :ok:


SSG08 - Blood in the Water - 0.1337

Deagle - Hypnotic - 0.007
FAMAS - Djinn - 0.007
M4A4 - Desert Strike - 0.007
M4A1-S - Mecha Industries - 0.007
USP-S - Orion - 0.007
USP-S - Guardian - 0.007

But I really don't have a Problem if you would also donate one of the above or a nametag to me ;) (No, really I swear that's NO Problem :D)!!!

Feel free to contact me or write a comment if you have a good name for one of the skins, or even if you think: No, better take this instead of that name!

Thanks to: Link = Profile of the nice and good m8 that helped me :D THANK YOU!!!
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I put 2 (two!!!!!) eggs into he Alien containment, went away for one and a half hour just to see this O_O
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168 Hours played
There is nothing I can say about this Game, all things are said by many others (the positive Reviews)!!!

This Game is worth any cent!

YES!, it has some bugs!
YES!, it has some glitches!

But I MUST give it a 12/10. WOW!

The atmos"fear" is unbelieveable!
The capture of the 1979 movie style is made with so much love, showing you this Team LOVES Alien!
My heartrate was impossible to measure and I was really close ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ the scare into my pants!
I love the Alien franchise but I am really afraid of those sick idea with this kind of xenomorph and his lifecycle! I think because it was the first "Horror" movie that I saw back when I was ten years old, and that was way too much for me!
And because my fear isn't enough in case of Alien, here a real story for you all:

I was playing AI with my headset and lights off in my room!
The sound, the Alien on patrol, my childhood fear, ... OMG
And I didn't recognize that my wife came in, stand behind me and then grabbed my shoulders and screamed: BOO!
I love my wife for that HEARTATTACK! Really! :D

BEST GAME I have played for YEARS!!!
BEST and UNBEATABLE Game of the franchise!!!
YES GearBox take a look how it's made and SHAME on YOU and your big piece of S.H.I.T called ACM!!!!!!!!!

You still need a challenge after playthru?
Alien Isolation Speedrunners
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Created by - Vloshko
CS:GO audio is fundamentally flawed, due to limited positional information. Settings for best audio performance available with headphones. Remember: Pro Players don't use speakers. Frequent updates.
TORIKO UM GUUD Apr 13 @ 6:25am 
How many 'Reserved' bots have I come across? How can people even fall for something like this?
☆Becky'sFootSlave™☆ Apr 9 @ 11:13am 
@Helcio I give you my cases for it!!!
Are you damn stupid? It took 2 years to build my inventory and I give a fu.. for a knife I never want!
BTW reported! And doesn't matter if you change your Name every day, week... report is SteamID related ;)
✪ Bambi Feb 22 @ 7:25am 
hey add
Vloshko Feb 21 @ 2:30am 
What a great idea (in regards to the trade). Thank you and I will pass them on with the same message
Bulby Feb 6 @ 3:29pm 
Hey!! Wanna trade for some sub cards? i got terraria cards and some other things.
Vloshko Jan 29 @ 11:14pm 
The group I sent you an invite to is mine. Check the Pinned Post for TeamSpeak3 information. If you want to use it PM me so I can give you and anyone you play with a lot talk permission! Hope all is well.