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Humans are born to live. From the moment you are thrown into the universe, you breathe, eat, drink, procreate. It is what we do as little living organisms, but why would one procreate, let alone find a reason to stay alive, without something to stay alive for? Humans don't stay alive for the sake of survival, but rather for the sake of things that bring purpose. Religion, art, music, love, in an endless oblivion of darkness and space. Humans are the only species primitive enough to care. You must do want you love. The best things in life will always end in conflict, that is why humans are primitive. Fuck this planet it is a piece of shit, seriously if I cannot return to space then I will snort coke until I die - E.T

Bear: how can he still win
heres how bernie can still win: ngiga
Bear: good observation

Where is Mack you ask, Markus? I don't know... well I'm joking, I do. Hes swimming around in my anal cavity looking for an escape route

- Jarrett

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I hate my life
le dex builds Jul 2 @ 11:53pm 
hey bro happy 151st canada day bro don't block me please
Terminal Jun 30 @ 3:11pm 
Hey bro, one guy is quit csgo trading and csgo at all(cause of last update) so he's giving skins giveaway. One person - one skin. His link in my profile bro
Terminal May 22 @ 10:08pm 
I cannot move! ahah1?!!!1
Terminal May 3 @ 7:57am 
Cum on my face yuh
spike Apr 30 @ 9:38pm 
putrid fucking whore.... god yourre a dum,b fucking bitch,,,
Terminal Apr 13 @ 9:08am 
Hello!!! I am scared and affroakd :)