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do what you do but watch my shoes
get shredded and rich

to be

don't tread on me

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ben and jerry's funky monkey
-Wall of Wumbo-

(wall of ego boosters)

*DEAD* ♥♥♥ | INCO |GAMER 2018 : hack (CS:Source)

*DEAD* MrEnfo : that's a nice silent aimboto (CS:GO)

*DEAD* Jenny : hax :D (CS:Source)

Tarık : idiot
Tarık : you mom eat my ♥♥♥♥

Namaste 16 Feb @ 1:40pm Delete
What a ♥♥♥♥♥♥.. hope you get ♥♥♥♥♥♥ soon ha ha (Profile)

Fluffy Piggin Kittens : bunny hopping ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ (CS:Source)

[SW]DarthVader (VIP) : oyu have aim hack
Alex (VIP) : xD
*DEAD* beachTurkey : who?
[SW]DarthVader (VIP) : oyu
[SW]DarthVader (VIP) : you
beachTurkey : oh :( (CS:Source)

Elkay Water Fountain‎ : sick hacks man ur good
Player Elkay Water Fountain left the game (Disconnected)

KlaWyKlaWus {LINK REMOVED} : pliz report drpepper (CS:GO(that's my clan tag doofus))

Ghost Just now
-rep cheater kid
(profile/CS:GO(same game from the guy above too))

i give big kiss on face

please man
thank u man
i give u too man

oh ye
(happy endings private chat)

*DEAD* ⋞ŞĿĬḾỄ ⋟‎ : ok
● :)‎ : stop cheating
⋞ŞĿĬḾỄ ⋟ : off micro
● :) : drpeper stop cheating
beachTurkey : gg
● :) : gg
● :) : u f cheaters

*DEAD* xaralamphs420‎ : NICE HACKS
beachTurkey : gh
*DEAD* xaralamphs420‎ : NICE PRE FIRE (CS:GO)

*DEAD* kRuspE : aimbot (CS 1.6?!? (I only had 10 hours(1v1)))

*DEAD* Deadpool‎ : ez vac ban (CS:GO(with SCORILO))

(voice)??? "I was spectating beach and he was doing some funky sideways jumps, was crazy"
(voice)???? "Yeah that guys in his ♥♥♥♥♥♥' element"
(Half-Life 2: Deathmatch( It's voice but it was too perfect gameplay not to add)) also ego boner

*DEAD* !!BOOM!!‎ : ♥♥♥♥ your hacers (CS:GO(with epic gamer not noob SCORILO))

Naychonok‎ : nice aim (CS:GO(with the same punk ass ♥♥♥♥♥ from before, SCORILO))

*DEAD* Mosjoo‎ : you playd dumb wh
*DEAD* Mosjoo‎ : and act like nobody notice (CS:GO)

XOYMAN‎ : off wall hack

*DEAD* beachTurkey : I'm playing with a controller
*DEAD* PraetorND : so autoaim

SCORILO‎ : (i`m a wumbo aswell)

*DEAD* SCORILO‎ : put it

● beachTurkey‎ : i did
● beachTurkey‎ : I put what you said
● SCORILO‎ : you said u no punk
● SCORILO‎ : your tro;lling me
● SCORILO‎ : please
● SCORILO‎ : i beg
● *DEAD* beachTurkey‎ : ok

*DEAD* SAW : beachTurkey turn off

*DEAD* SAW : 2 cheters in team
*DEAD* SAW : nice

*DEAD* SAW : turn off cheats idiots
(CS:GO with SCORILO the epic gamer no wumbo)

Meyer-Fan : with cheats in your team
beachTurkey : no

(after an ace with a pp-bizon(yes really find it in my screenshots))
● (Terrorist) Popeye @ T Start : good cheat

This guy has 4k hours and at the time I had 399, yet I 8 - 2'd them, then I go to friend them and...

Beans On Butter 3 hours ago
It's clearly a level you made with tons of cash right outside the car
(Sneak Thief Screenshot

Gentleman Pootis|#saveTF2: Ok tryhard
Gentleman Pootis|#saveTF2: All tryharders geys
[Store] +12 credits.
*DEAD* Gentleman Pootis|#saveTF2: Lol
[Store] +12 credits.
*DEAD* Gentleman Pootis|#saveTF2: Nice wh

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High Medic Nov 14 @ 3:34am 
Oh damn, what a coincidence then :D! On the image of mine that you had commented on, you had said the Wednesday dude meme, and it just so happens that when I shared the same image of mine to someone that I had met on a Discord server today, they had also mentioned the exact same Wednesday dude meme.
beachTurkey Nov 14 @ 1:53am 
High Medic Nov 13 @ 11:11pm 
No way! Are you the person that I met earlier on the Discord?
ThunderCracker Nov 4 @ 5:23am 
Hi! I sent you a friend request because I am intrested in making a Divekick card trade. I will give you one of my duplicates for your "Kung Pao" card. So, what do you say?
DaSoldierOfAllah Oct 26 @ 3:30am 
known to suck le fat peen!
Doris Oct 13 @ 2:38pm 
signed by me