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Sazid Hossain Banna   Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Ex Moderator of Counter-Strike Global Offensive Bangladesh Community
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Did your name Banna came from the word "BAN"?

Nope. I was named this after birth. Though my parents name me "Banna" because it meant "Creator". Sadly, In multiple languages, it means "BAN" :| :steamsad:

Do you ban a lot?

When you run a community and servers for 2K+ people, there will be bans. Most of the bans are temporary. And I hardly ban anyone permanently.

Where can I find the server list?

Go to: CS:GO BD Stats []

How do I see whether I have been banned or not?

Go to: CS:GO BD Bans []

New site to see the rankings in Pub?

Go to: Pub TOP 50 []
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