Georgia, United States
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My Discord server!!! [] (I'm mostly active there)

Personalities/traits of mine
My hobbies include video gaming, watching Youtube, listening to music, and occasionally either doing digital art or reading mlp related fanfictions.

Games - I can’t list my favorite game since I tend to get addicted to another game every here and there. You can find my current game addiction in my custom information box. Otherwise, my favorite game of all time has to be Fallout New Vegas.

Music - I can listen to almost all genres of music. My favorite genres of music are that of anything that is electronical to its beat such as House, Trance, Electro Techno, Trap, Chiptune, Drum & Bass. This also includes every sub-genre to those genres such as Electro-swing, Tropical House, Psy-trance, ect.

Art - I draw! I’m not professional or anything, but I don’t think I’m too bad either. You can ask me for a request drawing, but odds will be that I will never end up getting to it. I take forever to complete a drawing so even if I say yes, don’t expect a drawing soon or at all if I ever do say yes to a request.

Availability status
Online- Talk to me... Or at least say "Hi" (I really don't mind it if you just say "hi")
In-game- You are free to talk to me. Keep in mind that I might be slower slower to respond.
Away- Feel free to leave a message! I'll try my best to get back to it.
Looking to Play- I never really use this.
Looking to Trade- I DO NOT TRADE!
Busy- I talk much less or sometimes not at all. This doesn't mean you can't talk to me at all, just speak less ;)
Offline- (See "Away")
Mobile Device- Please don't start RPs with me. Also expect slower responses and I tend to make grammatical errors more often. It’s best you don’t talk to me unless I talk to you first when I use mobile.

Important note: If you message me and I don't respond--> odds are that I'm afk even when my Steam status is set to "Online," I’m heavily distracted (generally by Youtube, non-Steam games, or irl matters), I somehow missed the Steam message you sent me or I just keep forgetting to respond (Yes... This happens.) Just don't get upset if I somehow don't respond ;~;

That's pretty much all of the important stuff! If you want to learn more about me, then I suggest you read my custom information box :3

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Why can't seagulls fly over the bay?
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Woah! Been over a year since I updated this, huh? Well the reason for that is because I primarily use Discord for most of my social interaction nowadays. Due to that, I post MOTDs in my Discord server instead.

Any who, I thought I'd come back here and update some things (I mean I haven't touched a large portion of this custom info box for 3 years now!).

This information box has been last updated on 3/11/2019

Primary games I play (3/11/2019) --> Runescape, World of Tanks, and League of Legends

My computer specs --> (last changed on 6/6/2016) - Her name is "Myriad."

A list of gifts I'd like to save for good memories

Flavorful Sweets: Undertale

Snuggle: Cookie Clicker

Nurse Pinkamena: Don't Starve, SUPERHOT, Betrayer, System Shock 2, Fancy Skulls, Dead Effect, Zeno Clash, Xotic, Iron Grip: Warlord, and Dino D-Day, Walking Dead

Belathkin: Fermi's Path

Red Dusk: Don't Starve Together (Beta)

Darkstar: Fallout 4, Don't Starve: Shipwrecked, Wolfenstein: The New Order, Bloons TD 6, Mist Survival

Knifedera: Unpossible

Pandy: Dub Dash

Lullaby Trace - D'lirium, The Stanly Parable, Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel Season Pass

Icy Breeze - Risk of Rain 2, God of War

Golden Aegis - Devil May Cry 5, Mordhau

Katie: A Hat in Time


Onyx: Mortal Kombat, Dude Simulator, Secret of the Magic Crystals

Clef: Project Surviving

Azael Dusk: Angels with Scaly Wings

Blank: Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order

Surreal Nightmares: Subnatica Below Zero

Fly: Garfield Kart

Cerean: Hentai

Tristan: ibb & obb

Peachy: Frozen Synapse Prime

Datura Eventide: Mountain Taxi Diver

IRL information
Age- 24
Gender- Male
Sexuallity- Bisexual
Nationality- American
Ethnicity- Trinidadian
Vehical - Ford Mustang Deluxe 2006 (5 speed automatic 4.0L V6)
♥♥♥♥ size- Don't look at it you pervert--> and you looked...
Brony- Yes
Clopper- Yes (70%)
Furry- Slightly (15%)
Scaley- Slighty (15%)
Birth (homeland)- Ocean City, New Jersey (U.S.A.)
Raised- Orlando, Florida (U.S.A.)
Current Residence- Verona, Wisconsin (U.S.A.)
- Die hard video game mouse potato
- 1 brother
- Divorced parents

Random information

+ I'm a die hard video game mouse potato! I love PC gaming :3

+ My secondary hobby to gaming is digital drawing. I own a Intous Pro (small) drawing tablet and use Paint Tool SAI to draw!

+ My favorite pony is Pinkie Pie! :balloon:

+ I'm not one of those die hard roleplayers, but that doesn't mean that I don't EVER roleplay. You will find RP info further below if we somehow ever do end up doing one.


Baysick (My main OC)
Age = 21
Race = Earth pony
Colors: Light brown coat, green and brown mane and tail, tan leg gradient, and light green eyes
Sexuallity = Bisexual
Cutiemark = Half of a brown coconut with a tiny umbrella and a straw
Theme song = Dusk
Job = Life Gaurd pony I guess... But I don't really like being called that.
Vehical = Jeep JK-EXT
Likes: Coastal regions, sleep, video games, art, music, junk food, beach activities and sex .-.
Dislikes: Very literal ponies and being really ignored
Sexual Weakness = Wingjobs O3O I mean seriously just imagine feathers rubbing your ♥♥♥♥ omg I would even let stallion pegasi wingjob me cx Oh and Hypnosis!
My brain only has three functions.
1. Fun
2. Sex
3. Sleep
Side note- I rarely rp tbh
Favorite Game
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