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Level Up Information
Here is small guide how the bot is works:

!help - Show you how the bot works and the commands.

Some information:

►How do I know the prices?
Simply use the command !price or !rate

►How long does it take before I recieve my sets?
Sets usually come within a minute, but sometimes up to around 5 min

► Can I craft badges for games I do not own?

► What type of keys do you accept?
All CS:GO keys are accepted, except for the capsule and community sticker ones. In addition, I accept TF keys and gems.

► Will I receive sets that I already crafted?
Make sure you crafted all your sets before buying from me. This ensures you that the i will not send you sets you don't need.
I can read your data about the signs and sent to you with the same icons that you have not created yet. However, you can use the !buyany command to buy sets from badges that has already been crafted.

► Also bot can't trade with you if:

Your inventory is private!
You got a trade hold!
You haven't had Mobile Authenticator for 7 days!

For more questions please contact my owner
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