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So much game for the money. It's more than just another shooter game, there are loads of mods available which increase playability of this game hugely.

From dayz style zombie survival mods to flappy birds style atv flying. Race around Altis in go-karts or try and complete the sky track in a 4x4. Get serious with a sniper mission, or get scared on a horror map trying to find the mothman. Have a second life, rob people, sell drugs and buy a house on Altis life or survive and build your own base on Overpoch. Team up with friends and take over a village from terrorists or become superman and take on an army yourself.

Some of my favourite mods include Overpoch, Altis Life, Wasteland and Battle Royale.

I highly recommend Arma3. You all should get it! Lots of hours worth of gaming here. Entirely worth full price, even better value if you get it in a sale.