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OvO 15 JUN a las 8:35 
+Rep Good trade :TorchFlame:
Goodkat 14 JUN a las 8:54 
fishhooks 14 JUN a las 8:14 
:HealthIcon: REP Generous Trader...thanks mate! :freebeer:
TurkishStar 13 MAY a las 8:48 
Bug 25 ABR a las 16:20 
Its the third time I've gone back to Barter after clicking off.

I found it easier to understand when I manually entered my games list and adjusted their tags.

I'm not sure what would improve the first hour.
Maybe a cleaner profile,
Moving everything below Overview to a seperate settings link that includes everything such as the Offer Alerts, Contact, Offer Preference, Region, Layout, etc.

It doesnt all need to be there, does it?
The top part is great with the table of your Tradables and Wish list, it just needs to stand out and look cleaner.
My 2 cents
Bug 25 ABR a las 14:05 
Thanks for the replies.
After an hour I've grasped it somewhat better