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steenbreker 4月16日 13時55分 
It is almost incorrigible what simple solutions you give us users. Thank you for your great work! :steamhappy:
vertigo 4月15日 15時01分 
I was able to fail/dispute the trade, thanks for changing that! Now it will be more visible that these people are scamming others.
♠ Avokkrii ♠ 4月9日 10時56分 
nevermind, seems to have come back to normal, just a bug. ignore the friend request.
♠ Avokkrii ♠ 4月9日 10時54分 
my barter seems to have stopped working? all i see is a blank screen, "", the search bar and my avatar up top.
djk101 4月6日 4時45分 
hi the fanatical nemesis 7 bundle does not seem to conyain syndrom VR
ℜⅇ𝓋𝔞𝓃𝟙𝟟 2月27日 12時22分 
+Rep thank you for hacknet!