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I’m looking for a Stark in the Streets but a Wildling in the Sheets!
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I played this game for the story and interesting characters. Perhaps a little for achievements.
IcyWings 19 hours ago 
-rep camper on dbd, he will always camp you and will never leave you
Szeptak Aug 13 @ 11:29am 
same to you :):gleosmug:
mopsi Aug 13 @ 11:26am 
nice antimate! -rep
Szeptak Aug 11 @ 8:55pm 
constructive comments :demoneye:__:green_eye:
BillCosby Aug 11 @ 4:59pm 
complet trash player, horrible player.
♣Vörtbröd♣ Aug 11 @ 4:57pm 
Most selfish trash player I've ever seen. Total♥♥♥♥♥