all brandon's fault i have a real name   United Kingdom (Great Britain)
add my second account because im becoming too poor to feed my family of burritos http://steamcommunity.com/id/lolbesturl2018
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all brandon's fault this is the title tbh
*DEAD* gOOD Emerald.gg : NOOOB HAKER
(a low grav glitch on a server)
dr.Slime: how do you get noclip?
5894624: we're all admins
5894624: jk type unbindall into console and you will get it
5894624: did you get it?
dr.Slime: it unbinded all my keys!
dont give 10 year olds steam
Dssd??? ? [IMOTAL] : Still taunts because doesnt know how to use chat xd

*my friends conversation with some guy*
DeLink_05: bwit
8 Bwit: hi
DeLink_05: do you have the achivment for unlocking the secret code
DeLink_05: or saying secret message
8 Bwit: es
DeLink_05: ah
DeLink_05: oh well did you know theres a wayto get the achivment for meeting garry in console
8 Bwit: no
DeLink_05: its a hidden code
DeLink_05: want to know the hidden code?
8 Bwit: sure
DeLink_05: ok so go into console and type
DeLink_05: wait
DeLink_05: let me rerember
DeLink_05: oh yeah
DeLink_05: its
DeLink_05: type in console
DeLink_05: unbindall
DeLink_05: did it work?
Player 8 Bwit left the game (Disconnect by user.)
Disconnect: Server shutting down.

Picos Reventao : you insult da family
blobfish : at least we killed them
Picos Reventao : we cut ya

overhill : yes i noob and smell of fish

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