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Bare Mettle Entertainment is a new independent game development studio. Our goal is to create a deep and immersive RPG world based on a more advanced simulation supporting an unprecedented level of dynamic and emergent gameplay. All of the technology we use including the game engine is our own, developed from the ground up to realise this vision.
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Zepla Jul 18 @ 6:29pm 
exanima is great right now, good work! if at all possible a multiplayer PVP mode would be amazing. i don't doubt it will be extremely difficult because of the advanced physics but my friends and i would love to play against each other.
Pabloski314 Apr 24 @ 2:38am 
We need the steam achivement feature, i know there are more important things to do first, but the is a nice why to spend more time in the game.
coolking1500 Jan 6 @ 5:15pm 
amazing job on the new patch, every time i think this game is abandoned you bring me right back
Voidgazer Dec 19, 2021 @ 2:41pm 
bare mettle, could you guys please add 2 handed flail to the game? it would be really awesome to hit somebody with that thing
big hat arxm Nov 30, 2021 @ 2:50pm 
sometimes i get drunk just so i can make my character run straight in examina
BlackBerry The Skunk Nov 21, 2021 @ 10:35am 
This is what a legendary Dev looks like :steamthumbsup: