Marcel   Washington, United States
The stark raving, shpeen ripping Banana Man.
Pronounced (Ban-an-ix). Deal with it.
I really fragging hate people in general.

Do you want a banana?


A random canversation between me and mah buddy Blorpo:

Banannixx: Get to da choppa
[CA] Blorpo: not even kidding,
[CA] Blorpo: i just ran to a chopper for evac
Banannixx: XD
[CA] Blorpo: the heli got shot down
Banannixx: Well crap
[CA] Blorpo: now im runnnig through the woods
Banannixx: Arnie would be proud
[CA] Blorpo: *wipes tear*


Chooms is now Online.
Chooms: anything?
Chooms: uh
Banannixx: PTSssssssDEEE
Chooms: I'm sorry
Banannixx: *sweet mother of marry joseph
Chooms: ok
Banannixx: *BUMBUTT}


[CA] Blorpo: oof
Banannixx: you lied to me. i trusted you.
[CA] Blorpo: nay did i lie
Banannixx: nvm.
Banannixx: I hard to reload the page
[CA] Blorpo: yeet
Banannixx: *had
Banannixx: jesus I am dumb
Banannixx: it toooo hard to pres eff5
[CA] Blorpo: yeah its like all the way at the top of the keyboard
[CA] Blorpo: fuck that
Banannixx: ikr?
[CA] Blorpo: too much work

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This is the informative information box of informative information.
I'm that guy who mains Mario in Smash.

Unfortunately, I tilt really easily.

- My masterpiece

Trade Link
My Backpack []

[NOTE] I'm only trading if I have my "Items up for trade" showcase up, and *usually* those items only.

Don't add me randomly, please at least comment why you are.

Personal quote:

"Crazy people do not inherrantly know that they are insane.
I, on the other hand, know full and damn well that I am insane, so therefore, I'm not
-Me, myself, and I

Favorite movie character quote:

"Do you know what "nemesis" means?
A righteous infliction of retribution manifested by an appropriate agent.
Personified in this case by an 'orrible cunt... me."
- Brick Top , Snatch

Item Wishlist/ Bucketlist
-Strange Specialized Killstreak Golden Frying Pan
-Strange Potassium Bonnet
-Strange Macho Mann ✔
-Strange Aloha Apparel✔

-Dream unusual: Strange Nebula Captain Space Mann

Stuff that I like love:

-Family, friends, liked aquantences, etc.

-Transformers (and collecting them)

-Guns (and shooting them)

-Cars (and driving them)

-legos (and buil-, *gets smacked*)



-The Accountant
-John Wick
-Kubo and the two strings
-The Book of Life
-Renaissance Disney
-more movies

-video games, (of course) such as;
-Team Fortress 2
-Transformers: Devastation
-Garry's Mod
-The Cybertron games
-The Mario & Luigi rpg series
-Mario Kart 6 and 7


Stuff that I hate dislike with great intensity :


-Nazis. I really, really hate nazis.

-Sniper mains.

-Sticky spammers demoknights, spies, snipers, and pyros. And mains.

-Fanboys. I don't give two shits about whether you think PC or console is better. Now fuck off.

- other people, (Those that I choose to assosiate with (i.e.)family, friends, liked aquantences, etc. are excluded from this.) especially the annoying and stupid ones; I have severe misanthropy. Like, really, really bad misanthropy.

-Liers and theives (also con-artists, scammers, sharkers...)

-Those fuckers in tf2 trading that refuse to pay for extra parts (paint, spells, strange parts) but demand that you do.

-Black Box + Conch Soldiers. Seriously, if you do this, then you're a little bitch.

-Lucksman snipers. Especially the ones who think that they're hot shit.

-Bullies, harassers, or killjoy assholes. No explaination needed.

- (spawn)campers, cheaters, and other douche bags, becasue they ruin the fun for most everyone and basically neuter your gameplay altogether.

-people who shove whatever belief, practice, fandom, etc they do down your throat; as an example, I don't give two flying fucks if you're vegan.

- Both the radical forms of Islam and feminism Actually, politics altogether.

-Black Ops 2. You poor, poor game... You will be missed, for what you were, but not what you have become.

-Stupid fucks who do dumbass shit then sue the company, because they can't seem to act like fucking adults.

-Mother fucking lenny faces and it's variants. I will fucking block you if you even try that shit here.

-That nightmare that I have of Disney buying the rights to Transformers

Great Steam Friends;

- [CA] Blorpo , the guy who introduced me to tf2 and steam and well, I knew the guy irl since 2nd grade.

- frog_man , I've known this dude a long time, and we're the best of friends irl, along with;

- Fractured_Sanity ,who completes our great trio!

- Kentoran A really, really chill guy. I've never seen him mad, like, mildly ticked off at the most. He's a neat dude who knows his shit and can play games really damn well.

- Old Couches , A great dude who makes true art in sfm and gmod(?). I don't know the dude irl, nonetheless, a great guy.

Check out his Youtube channel , where he posts Gmod vids!

Creamy Dreamy, Love Machiney (Joji)
This guy is fucking awesome. He's a good trader who knows like, everybody.

Moura A good friend that I made on Tf2 Tags.

Still here? Well then, have a song. Want more? Then here's another.

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