Marcel (or Banan)   Washington, United States
Pronounced (Ba-nan-ix). Deal with it.
What the fuck, have a banana. Please comment why you're adding me. I won't accept if you don't.


A random canversation between me and mah buddy Blorpo:

Banannixx: Get to da choppa
[CA] Blorpo: not even kidding,
[CA] Blorpo: i just ran to a chopper for evac
Banannixx: XD
[CA] Blorpo: the heli got shot down
Banannixx: Well crap
[CA] Blorpo: now im runnnig through the woods
Banannixx: Arnie would be proud
[CA] Blorpo: *wipes tear*


Chooms is now Online.
Chooms: anything?
Chooms: uh
Banannixx: PTSssssssDEEE
Chooms: I'm sorry
Banannixx: *sweet mother of marry joseph
Chooms: ok
Banannixx: *BUMBUTT}


[CA] Blorpo: oof
Banannixx: you lied to me. i trusted you.
[CA] Blorpo: nay did i lie
Banannixx: nvm.
Banannixx: I hard to reload the page
[CA] Blorpo: yeet
Banannixx: *had
Banannixx: jesus I am dumb
Banannixx: it toooo hard to pres eff5
[CA] Blorpo: yeah its like all the way at the top of the keyboard
[CA] Blorpo: fuck that
Banannixx: ikr?
[CA] Blorpo: too much work

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Secondary showcase for my classic and "modern" weapons, not actually for trade.
This is the informative information box of informative information.
Please comment when adding me and don't do so randomly; I will not accept random adds.
I WILL check all adds on steam rep.
I will not accept adds from accounts with private inventories.

[NOTE] If you're adding me for trading, I'm only selling stuff if I have my "items up for trade" box up and if the items have listings on

No, I'm not going to advertise your tf2/csgo gambling site, so don't even start.

I'm that guy who mains Mario in Smash.

Unfortunately, I tilt really, rather easily.
Sometimes, my internet is shit.

:gmod: My masterpiece :gmod:

:dstools: Trade Link :dstools:
:crate: My Backpack []:crate:

I'm not selling any stranges unless I have actually posted them up for sale on

Personal quote:

"Crazy people do not inherrantly know that they are insane.
I, on the other hand, know full and damn well that I am insane, so therefore, I'm not
-Me, myself, and I

Favorite movie character quote:

"Do you know what "nemesis" means?
A righteous infliction of retribution manifested by an appropriate agent.
Personified in this case by an 'orrible cunt... me."
- Brick Top , Snatch

Item Wishlist/ Bucketlist
- Golden Frying Pan
- Killstreaker: Incinerator
- Sheen: Team Shine or Deadly Daffodil

- Strange dual spelled Gold Botkiller Wrench MK.ii✔
- Strange Dogfighter✔
- Strange Face Full of Festive✔
- Strange Sandvich or the festive variant✔
- Strange Construction PDA✔
- Strange Macho Mann✔
- Strange Aloha Apparel✔

- Dream unusual: None, I'm instead hoping and dreaming for that pan...

Stuff that I like love:

- Family, friends, liked aquantences, etc.

- Transformers (and collecting them)

- Guns (and shooting them)

- Cars (and driving them)

- Legos (and buil-, *gets smacked*)

- Robots

- Drawing

- Movies
- The Accountant
- John Wick
- Team America: World Police
- Kubo and the two strings
- The Book of Life
- Renaissance Disney
- More Movies

- Video Games, (of course) such as;
- Skyrim
- Team Fortress 2
- Transformers: Devastation
- Garry's Mod
- The Cybertron games
- The Mario & Luigi rpg series
- Mario Kart Wii and 7

- Music

Stuff that I hate dislike with great intensity :

- Mainly just people who are assholes in general.
- Elitists, doesn't matter what medium, they all suck.
- Politics. Please keep it out of da videar gams.

- Stuff that pretains more to tf2 than overall dislike...

- People that don't honor melee
- Certain loadouts or playstyles. Looking at you, black box n conch soldiers.
- Sticky Spam
- Sniper, Spy, and Pyro (at times)
- Pocket medics are for pussies. If you're doing a push or are actively getting your ass handed to you, that's one thing. But for the medigun to never leave your rectum is cowardice.
- I tilt easy, so I [h]hate[/h] it when I let people push my buttons
- Weebs. Hear me out, there's a stark difference between liking anime and being a weeb. I don't want to dislike them, but they are easily some of the most vile and overall just plain toxic people that I've met (at least in TF2).

Great Steam Friends;

- frog_man , I've known this dude a long time, and we're the best of friends irl, along with;

- BobRossInBootyShorts Ditto for above,

- Kentoran A chill dude for the most part, unless you play soldier. Huge into computers, he always knows what to do and how to help regaurding them.

- Old Couches , A great dude who makes true art in sfm and gmod(?). I don't know the dude irl, nonetheless, a great guy.

Check out his Youtube channel , where he posts Gmod vids!

Goajisaurus Rex(Joji)
This guy is fucking awesome. He's a good trader who knows like, everybody.

Moura A good friend that I made on Tf2 Tags.

Still here? Well then, have a song! []


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