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Personal Achievements

Lord in a Harvest

Defeat an enemy planet.
Unlocked Jun 23 @ 4:55pm

Interplanetary Home Run

Hit yourself with a weapon fired from your own planet.
Unlocked Jun 24 @ 6:02am

Medal for the Winner

Win an online multiplayer match.
0 / 1

Interplanetary Trophy of Awesome

Win 5 online multiplayer matches.
0 / 5

Bragging Rights

Win 10 online multiplayer matches.
0 / 10

Blood for the Blood God

Win 25 online multiplayer matches.
0 / 25

Skulls for the Skull Throne

Win 50 online multiplayer matches.
0 / 50

Just what do you think you're doing, Dave?

Win 10 single player games.
0 / 10


Win 25 single player games.
0 / 25


Beat the Impossible AI.

King of the Antpile

Win a multiplayer match with at least two players.

King of the Hill

Win a multiplayer match with at least four players.

King of the Mountain

Win a multiplayer match with eight players.

Surgical Devastation

Fire Solar Laser super weapon.

Like a Fist of an Angry God

Fire Asteroid Diversion super weapon.

Mushroom Cloud Extreme

Fire Nuclear Missile super weapon.

I Am Become Death

Destroy 100 cities over any number of games.
1 / 100


Defeat two enemy planets in one turn.

Make room! Make room!

Grow five cities to their maximum populations.


Win a match with less than 200M population left.

Science Victory?

Unlock all technologies.


Fire all the superweapons during the same turn.

Brought a Brain to a CPU fight

Outlive 7 AIs in one match.

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