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Personal Achievements

The Adventure Begins

Embarked on your adventure.
Unlocked Aug 4 @ 12:44pm

Downed Dokugumon!

Beat Dokugumon.
Unlocked Aug 4 @ 2:19pm

Finished Fangmon!

Beat Fangmon.
Unlocked Aug 4 @ 4:47pm

Axed Arukenimon!

Beat Arukenimon.
Unlocked Aug 5 @ 2:02pm

Crushed Cyclonemon!

Beat Cyclonemon.
Unlocked Aug 5 @ 2:20pm

Got Garurumon!

Beat Garurumon.
Unlocked Aug 5 @ 4:45pm

Mashed Monzaemon!

Beat Monzaemon.
Unlocked Aug 5 @ 4:52pm

Whipped Wendigomon!

Beat Wendigomon
Unlocked Aug 11 @ 3:47pm

First Haul

Acquired your first item while exploring.
Unlocked Aug 4 @ 1:38pm

Look at Me Now!

Agumon reached Rookie level.
Unlocked Aug 4 @ 12:53pm

Bow to the Champion

Agumon reached Champion level.
Unlocked Aug 4 @ 2:17pm

Ultimate Ascension

Agumon reached Ultimate level.
Unlocked Aug 11 @ 3:45pm

Astute Recruiter

Recruited a Free Monster.
Unlocked Aug 4 @ 1:34pm

Evolution Revolution

Evolved a Free Monster.
Unlocked Aug 5 @ 12:54pm

Survival Master

Unlocked all achievements.

Fateful Decision

Reached a fork in the story.

Final Battle Imminent

Entered the final battle.

Item Master

Acquired 100 items while exploring.

Master Researcher

Encountered all monsters.

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