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The Walls Have Ears

Eavesdrop on your first piece of gossip.
Unlocked Sep 16 @ 5:27pm

Diamond in the Rough

Solve the first case on Cordona.
Unlocked Sep 17 @ 7:42am

Mamma Mia!

Prank Mrs. Nini.
Unlocked Sep 17 @ 8:04am

Once Upon a Time

Open Sherlock's room.
Unlocked Sep 17 @ 8:41am

Everyone's a Critic

Find all the books in the Bazookaeology trilogy.
Unlocked Sep 17 @ 10:30am

Animal Advocate

Save Goliath's life.
Unlocked Sep 17 @ 11:10am

A Mother's Arms

Open Violet's room.
Unlocked Sep 17 @ 11:15am

Perfect Gentleman

Spare the landlady's feelings.
Unlocked Sep 17 @ 4:03pm

Voice of the People

Always advocate for the refugees.
Unlocked Sep 17 @ 5:23pm

Curiouser and Curiouser

Open the cabinet of curiosities.
Unlocked Sep 17 @ 5:33pm

Rumour Has It...

Lift the curtain on bohemian life.
Unlocked Sep 17 @ 5:55pm

Vengeance of the Lamb

Get justice for Fabio.
Unlocked Sep 18 @ 12:53pm

Lawful Neutral

Interrogate every suspect in the safe murder as a police officer.
Unlocked Sep 20 @ 2:07pm

Friends in Low Places

Talk to The Pipe in the correct disguise.
Unlocked Sep 20 @ 1:56pm

Join The Club

Follow the rules of the Blind Duelling Club.
Unlocked Sep 23 @ 2:07pm

Open Eyes

Take pity on a poor girl.
Unlocked Sep 23 @ 2:22pm

Not His Toy

Disappoint Mycroft.
Unlocked Sep 19 @ 2:47pm

Read It and Weep

Find the book.
Unlocked Sep 18 @ 3:33pm

Child's Play

Solve all the cases for the police.
Unlocked Sep 19 @ 1:54pm

Well-Earned Rest

Let an old man have his retirement.
Unlocked Sep 19 @ 2:16pm

His First Bow

Acquire Sherlock's famous violin.
Unlocked Sep 18 @ 1:40pm

Catch of the Day

Hold an eel by the tail.
Unlocked Sep 18 @ 3:16pm


Present accurate evidence in all accusations.
Unlocked Sep 23 @ 2:22pm

Not Up To Snuff

Disorient ten enemies with the snuffbox.
Unlocked Sep 18 @ 3:16pm

Citizen's Arrest

Arrest ten enemies.
Unlocked Sep 17 @ 10:30am

Street Sweeper

Arrest twenty-five enemies.
Unlocked Sep 18 @ 1:36pm

Poor Sportsmanship

Try to take the easy way out.

Short Temper

Punch first, ask questions later.

Closing a Chapter

Remember everything.

Curse Correction

Investigate the third accident.

Not Now

Refuse to help Mycroft.


Talk to Dilwyn in his hat.

Gold Digger

Uncover all of the treasures.

Lore Almighty

Complete all Cordona Stories.


Fight in all of the bandit lairs.

Finger Slipped

Kill five enemies.

Blood On Your Hands

Kill fifteen enemies.

The Tale of the Empty House

Refurbish the entire manor.

Becoming Sherlock Holmes

Get every achievement.