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Personal Achievements

Echoes of the Past

Find all of the audio recordings.

Between the Covers

Find all of the magazines.

Marvellous Toys

Find all of the spinners.


Take 20 pictures

Urban Scrawl

Take pictures of 10 special graffiti.

Casual Gamer

Find all of mini-games.

Hardcore Gamer

Complete one level in each of the mini-games.

Bosom Buddies

Deliver medicine to Alex and Brian.

A Friend in Need...

Escape the drugstore with Park.

Catch You Later

Abandon Park at the drugstore.

Den Mother

Keep the group intact until the end of the game.

Identity Theft

Leave the electronics store using a staff badge.

Everything Must Go!

Delete the goods from the database before leaving the electronics store.

U Mad Bro?

Beat Matt at the VR game.

F is for Feline

Draw a cat on the whiteboard.

Short Circuit

Use the taser on a robot.

You Had One Job...

Lose Brian.

A Stealthy Outlook

Avoid being detected by the cops.

Antisocial Club

Maintain negative relations with all group members by the end of the game.

Life of the Party

Maintain positive ties with all group members by the end of the game.

The Butterfly Effect

Lose Park.

9 hidden achievements remaining

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