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Personal Achievements

Back in Business

Complete the Broker’s quest and deliver the package.

Sudden Awakening

Come to your senses after the Big Sleep.

Salt Wastes

Visit the abandoned planet, Teina Nui, in your vision.

Ancient of Ages

Defeat the Ancient of Ages.

Prophet’s Fall

Help the Sons of Morakh destroy the House of Bea Kera.

Prophet’s Rise

Help the House of Bea Kera take Fort Morakh by storm.

Battle of the Faceless

Destroy the SORG golems in the Salt Wastes.

Art Connoisseur

Find 30 pictures.

Public Entertainment

Become the champion of Kravayah at the Rusty Arena alongside the Crabmaster.

The Last Duel

Help Chicub and Soult resolve their old rivalry.


Succumb to the effects of somnic exposure and lose your mind


Kill 200 people.

The Prison Within

Carry out Darat's request.


Read 20 books.

The Key to Any Lock

Pick 50 locks.

King of Trash Mountain

Search 50 trash heaps.

The Crimson Room

Kill the guards to the Crimson Room.

One Foot Here, the Other There

Deactivate 50 mines.

Digital Rogue

Hack 30 computers.

Between the Crosshairs

Kill Grove, a sniper from Fort Morakh.

Number 4

Defeat Maurits, the Rusty Arena tournament favorite.

Need More Gold!

Sell items for 200 thousand tokens.

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