Warszawa, Poland
I'm awesome and I like pancakes (Steam told me to write it)
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Stuff you may want to know
Friend Requests
If your profile is hidden I will only accept your request if I know you IRL, but contact me via any other communication channel first.

If I don't know you, your profile has to be public and one of the following has to be true:
• we're about to make a trade - we both agreed on it via Barter.vg
• you'd like to help me 100% Saints Row: The Third, Carmageddon: Reincarnation or any other game with multiplayer, where my completion is >0% and <100% (if you can communicate via any voice chat in Polish and are dedicated to get 100% achievements it's a big plus)
• you have another good reason - write about it in comment section

You can find me on Barter.vg ( link [barter.vg]), Lestrade's ( link [lestrades.com]) and STM ( link [www.steamtradematcher.com]).

Regarding games:
• Will accept VN only for another VN of mine, same goes for DLC.
• If you want to +rep me, do it only on SteamGifts - I'd like to keep Steam profile clean and don't see any reason for spamming the comment section. I'll treat you the same way, so +rep on SG and no comment on Steam profile unless explicitly asked for it.

Regarding trading cards:
• I will do only 1:1 trades of my duplicates for now. It may change when I think it through, but don't try to convince me until then.

Read "baalver", type lowercase.

Comments section
I like it clean as stated above, so I'm going to remove most +rep comments unless I super like them. Also spam will not be tolerated.
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gabvictor 14. čvc. v 8.33 
accept the friend request
🍒 Lilly (🌸◠‿◠) 3. zář. 2016 v 5.36 
+rep; fast and reliable trader; recommended!
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Wicked! :postcardf: