No matter how careful you are, there's going to be the sense you
missed something, the collapsed feeling under your skin that you didn't
experience it all. There's that fallen heart feeling that you rushed right
through the moments where you should've been paying attention .


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Nothing special to say . I'm a happy packaging designer who is sometimes sad with no obvious cause . Found love in many fields of art . Here on steam I like to take screenshots .

[2019. Oct. 11.] - Status Update:
As the shitty-gloomy weather comes, I feel myself better outside holding a camera in my hand rather than playing videogames. Looking for rain, mist, neon lights, low key portraits, emotions, long expos, dark landscapes or any atmospheric places. A massive pile of negative films are waiting in my fridge already. Wish me luck to not screw them all up. So now, farewell dear friends! Gonna be off from steam for an indefinite period. Love!

Screenshots on Flickr . []
Analog photos on Flickr . []
Digital scrapyard on 500px . []       

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highlands .
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#NV Oct 6 @ 10:36pm 
Hey, thanks for accepting and nice to meet you. You have some pretty impressive captures as well - have a good time and see you around! :praisesun:
мᴏʀʀíɢᴀɴ Oct 6 @ 1:23am 
Szia :)
Vervaticus Aug 27 @ 5:39am 
Grey 59
☽ Coraline Castell ☾ Aug 25 @ 5:58pm 
Hi Baluka, I've gotten over the worse of what happened to me a month or so ago and feel ready to start re-adding some friends on Steam, so I've sent you a friend request. You're also a very nice person and I hope we can share each other's company again.

Feel free to ignore it if you'd like! I totally understand, no questions asked. Have a nice week. :butterfly:
Baluka Aug 20 @ 12:09am 
Angband Aug 19 @ 11:04pm 
Depressive and Gloomy Man.