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Nothing special to say... I'm a happy packaging designer who is sometimes sad with no obvious cause. Strangely listen music and watch films on a pretty wide spectrum. Found love in many fields of art.
Here on steam I like to take screenshots.

Didn't find any interest in . . .cs, dota, lol, anime, religion, cut and paste comments and such things. . .
Interests beyond steam . . .films, coffee, books, art, science, horror, surrealism, black humour. . .

If you have found yourself declined, I am kindly letting you know there is nothing personal. I try to keep my friendlist as tidy as I can, so I rarely accept new friend requests.
Also if you are keen to commenting on the wall then please leave a quote of your favourite book, novel, poem, movie or song instead of a random heart-shaped emoticon bunch.
Lately I'm less active due to family matters. Sorry if I respond slower than I used to.

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How funny that someone wants to live just as much others want to die.

The Cat Lady is made for all those people who has ever felt life is a piece of sh*t... for those who ever felt lonely.
This psychological horror has a lot to say not only about mental illness but also about loss, depression, social problems, etc... Easy to get feel empathy for the main protagonist. She is moody most of the time as well as she has bloody good sense of black humour. Cynical and sassy enough and also I found her somehow sexy. Besides... the supporting characters are very good too and came with an excellent voice acting. I really want to see a film version of The Cat Lady.

I'd recommend this to everyone who is after a mature, serious and emotional game.
so now... forget everything about happiness and go through Susan Ashworth's story.

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Rick 2 hours ago 
Have a wonderful weekend!
NyetEdemsz Nov 16 @ 10:25am 
Szia! Ezer köszi az infót a DieSector achievementről! :) Korábban olvastama fórumon, hogy valamelyest meggyógyult ez az ,,öcsi", de akkor belevetem magam a megszerzésükbe. :D Ezer köszi! :D

+rep :MrFoster::mkb::Fleshpound:
GrazingBacon Nov 14 @ 6:23am 
"Sunshine beating on the good times
Moonlight raising from the grave
String band playing worn out honkey-tonks
Pretty young thing going dancing in the rain"
Vervaticus Nov 8 @ 6:22am 
Malison Nov 8 @ 5:45am 
Thanks for the invite. I accepted due to the number of friends we had in common, as well as groups. Also, wanted to thank you for the kind comments on some of my screenshots.
Vervaticus Nov 5 @ 3:55pm