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WEIRDAXE Jul 9 @ 4:05pm 
@baldurstod Hi you're dota loadout website is awesome and I thank you for maintaining it, but I was wondering if you have any intentions to bring back the export 3D model option since that was a great way of obtaining dota 3d models to 3d print. Cheers
Captain Stug / SFM Artist Jul 1 @ 3:33am 
why did you blocked polish charge
Time to start again Jun 30 @ 2:20am 
added to ask about something + skins on loadout.tf are broken
Gon Freecss Jun 25 @ 1:34pm 
Could you fix burning effects ?
Baldurs Tod Jun 21 @ 3:07pm 
@Sanguine: thank you
ᴏғᴏ Sanguine Jun 21 @ 2:42pm 
hey man, just stopping by to say thank you far all the work you put into loadout.tf <3
NvAy Jun 20 @ 11:36am 
fix loadout.tf pls
i cant read Jun 5 @ 7:11am 
i need some help, this is a video of my loadout.tf i don't know what happened i cant use daily.loadout.tf either, i cant start a discussion in your steam group so this is the second best option
ᴍᴇᴏᴡᴄʜɪ Jun 5 @ 3:47am 
in loadout.tf
ᴍᴇᴏᴡᴄʜɪ Jun 5 @ 3:45am 
excuse me sir can you help me with my problem
Unconquerable™ Jun 3 @ 5:46am 
Hey there friend! Its been a while! I was wondering if you were up to discussing some stuff for shapeways. Get back to me if you're interested. Have a nice day.
Ghost Recon Captain Rex May 30 @ 11:28pm 
I need your help
Bender May 27 @ 3:50pm 
I wanted to ask you a quick question
Baldurs Tod May 15 @ 3:50pm 
Shit random crits happens
I love loadout.tf and recently subscribed on Patreon. I'm sorry I killed you with a random crit. I did not deserve.
Baldurs Tod May 14 @ 4:13pm 
@Miguel: they are already there. Use the init war paint button in the item list
M i g u e l May 14 @ 10:03am 
Add skins weapons in loadout.tf
Jay May 11 @ 1:15am 
Just want to ask a question..
shadowjango May 6 @ 3:43pm 
Thanks man, its much appreciated.
Baldurs Tod May 6 @ 3:02pm 
No wonder why it's broken, the files are invalid. I can't even figure how he was able to upload this stuff. Second, the way the digits are set is just cancerous.

This is my take on it : https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1379916680
shadowjango May 6 @ 1:20pm 
Think you can get us a Stat Clock model for sfm? The one on the workshop has been broken for a very long time.
Edgy May 3 @ 1:22pm 
Help with a loadout.tf issue, i cant use it anymore if my problem not get solved
krozko May 3 @ 8:34am 
Hello,I got a few questions about your loadout.tf and trademarks around it... If you could accept my friend request or send me your email so I can contact you that would be very appreciated
Epic Solider Apr 29 @ 8:55am 
could I order a figurine from your store?
//Mo0d Apr 26 @ 9:36pm 
Adding cause i have a request (its important)
Mr. Confused Apr 15 @ 5:19am 
Do you mind reading my suggestions for loadout.tf in the group
Super Juusto Apr 15 @ 2:08am 
+rep :loveslashit2:
Vlad Del Rey Apr 9 @ 9:55am 
Hello, i am a young web-developer and i have "exam". So it was interesting for me how did you make https://dotaloadout.com/ . Where can i take 3-d models of heroes. Where can i find 3-d models of some clothes or weapons. And how to work w/ 3-d graphic using just html, css and js. I just need somethink like to show it as my final project. I know that my teacher keen on DOTA so i wish, you can help me. My email -- vlad.lazarev0303@gmail.com.
Baldurs Tod Apr 3 @ 8:01am 
@m3.ain: post on the item page and describe your problem
I need help with the applying weapon skins onto the minigun - with one of the skins from Jungle Inferno.

Thanks in Advance
Epic Solider Apr 1 @ 1:27pm 
I have a question
MigSanity Mar 31 @ 5:49am 
i add cuz i wanna say something
Commenter Mar 26 @ 3:18pm 
I don't want to put it publicly so I'm sending a friend request. (plus I feel like I'm spamming your comments)
Baldurs Tod Mar 26 @ 3:01pm 
send your session first
Commenter Mar 26 @ 2:49pm 
Hmm, that's really weird that it isn't working for me. I put "models/decorated/c_holymackerel/c_holymackerel_decorated.vtf" in the box next to the $basetexture attribute, so I don't really understand what I did wrong here... Should I try reinstalling SFM?
Baldurs Tod Mar 26 @ 2:40pm 
Dunno what is wrong with your SFM. I used your very texture : http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1343150439
Commenter Mar 26 @ 2:23pm 
Really? That's weird, when I try to apply it to the weapon in SFM, it gets all messed up. https://imgur.com/DOLhOkf
Baldurs Tod Mar 26 @ 2:21pm 
This file is perfectly fine
Baldurs Tod Mar 26 @ 2:15pm 
@Commenter : yes send a file please
Commenter Mar 26 @ 1:22pm 
I'm trying to download texture VTFs from weapons.tf to use with "All Decorated Weapons" but the textures seem to be broken when downloading. I can even see it before looking at the file, as the texture viewed on the website's model becomes broken for a second. Is this just me or is the website broken currently? If you want I can send one of the broken files for you to look at. (also have a +rep because you're crazy having made all these websites and SFM ports)
Vipes Mar 22 @ 1:03pm 
Vipes Mar 22 @ 11:57am 
Hey man, hate to be a bother, but workshop.tf doesn't seem to be updating for me, it can't find my latest TF2 cosmetics.
™MikeMartin.Co ツ Mar 22 @ 7:15am 
+rep +rep +rep. absolute beast of a developer, listens to the community, executes everything.
Lord E. Sykens [4] Mar 20 @ 7:16am 
ah okay, thanks
Baldurs Tod Mar 20 @ 6:08am 
They are in the item list
Lord E. Sykens [4] Mar 20 @ 5:59am 
hi, serveral taunts are missing in the loadout.tf website, I'd like to see the conga and the meet the medic taunt, thanks :)
Kriky | Raffles & Games TF2 Mar 17 @ 3:06pm 
Hello, I need help with your cosmetic pack in sfm.
Epic Solider Mar 17 @ 11:02am 
when can I buy the order?
Epic Solider Mar 8 @ 7:26am 
I have a question