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Sniper Elite 4 is an outstanding game and exactly what a sequel should be. It improves the aspects of the previous games, adds some new wrinkles, and generally broadens the scope of it's predecessors.

Some basic stats:

- It took me around 16 hours to complete the main campaign on "Sniper Elite" difficulty.
- I did not find all of the collectibles.
- I did not finish all of the secondary objectives.
- I have not yet played the "Kill Hitler" DLC or either of the included Overwatch missions.

The standout improvements of Sniper Elite 4 are encapsulated by two main points. Firstly, the maps are absolutely humongous and there are a ton of indoor portions in every map. Also new to the series is verticality. There are sections where you can climb up and create your own sniper positions. They've also improved the enemy AI. In past instances of this series, the enemy was able to find you rather quickly. Now, the sniping is more realistic, allowing you to pop off some shots while they "triangulate" your location. This gives the player a sense of dominance. It is possible to stealth entire levels as well.

Some bullet point pros and cons:

+ Extremely large and detailed maps/levels. It took me roughly 90 minutes to 2 hours to complete each one and would've taken longer if I was set on finding every collectible my first time through.
+ Technically sound. Gunplay is very satisfying and the graphics are outstanding.
+ New variations of enemies including spotters, radiomen, and artillery strikes.
+ A large variety of weapons outside of the numerous sniper rifles to snare and destroy nazis.
+ Survival mode is very challenging and a lot of fun with friends!
+ Provides replayability with being able to decide on your own tactics, a metric ton of collectibles, and new challenges which only reveal themselves once you return for a 2nd playthrough of a level.
+ Leaves you wanting more.

- The AI still needs some improvement, but is a large step up from III, just as III was from V2.
- Some levels did not offer a strong enough challenge, even on SE difficulty. I will be trying Authentic next to see if this changes. There were no boss battles or "unannounced" final battles in any of the main campaign levels, bar the final mission.
- It'd have been nice to see the Overwatch levels which are listed in the campaign menu as SP missions, increasing the game's length.
- Leaves you wanting more! (yes this is a + as well)

My cons are largely nitpicks, but deserved mention. I am extremely happy with what Rebellion have done with Sniper Elite 4 and am going to be returning to the game sooner rather later to try Authentic difficulty, the Kill Hitler DLC, and change my tactics in previous played levels. The additional challenges are also tantalizing to try and accomplish. The amount of content in the base game alone is satiating, but the fact there is a DLC campaign incoming as well has me excited.

Rating: 8/10

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