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What is life but something to study in awe and recognition. Why do we love each other? Hate each other? Why do we play games? Why do we wage war? These are only some questions that can be asked and should be answered. Though most have one common answer; It begins with something that looks like this: :income:
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When I first saw this game, I thought "Hey, this looks fun..." At the time, I was a very avid player of modded minecraft and automating every single thing I can in it using anything possible. If you gave me vanilla minecraft, I'd still try to automate everything to the best of my ability.

Then I met Factorio. I booted it up the first time and made a basic setup I had seen in a couple episodes of watching the Yogscast play it. I found out really quick that it isn't the amount of content that makes this game amazing; its the refining. You fix one problem in a bottleneck and about 5 more pop up. You endlessly rush back and forth trying to make your system faster and more efficient. Me, like many others, have told themselves "I'll just fix this one last thing" just to be sucked in for another 4 hours.

The technical goal in this game is to launch a rocket, but I'll be honest: In my 106 hours of playing Factorio, I've never launched a rocket. Not a single one. No, those hours were wasted just honing my factory and expanding it over and over and over. You could play this game for millions of hours, and you'll still have problems to solve that will keep you up another few hours.

I give this game a 20/10, no matter how much I play it, there's always something for me to do in it.

A word of caution though: This game is not for someone that gets super frustrated really easily. This game is one huge brain teaser that tests your ability of workarounds, unique systems, and efficiency to the max. You can find you make a huge setup just for you to need to upheave the entire thing a day later because that's the only way you can make the setup better.

This game also has TONS of mods for it, both that make the game easier, and make them way harder. For people looking for a ridiculously complex yet fun experience, I highly recommend installing all of Bob's and Angel's Mods. They extend the game by a huge amount.

So good luck to anyone else who buys this game, and welcome to the well oiled machined (yet not completely refined; I still need to invest atleast another 4 hours to fix that iron bottleneck) that is Factorio
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