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The hardest part of achieving something is Unlearning and Relearning it, Started from the bottom and here we are. :)
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My Life Letter
To my beloved parents who raised me up, the hardship my mother had to go through create my heart inch by inch and my father who shaped it for me, I will never forget the hardships you guys went through to bring me to form.

All the years a family struggled out of constraint difficulty, rigid sacrifices that had to be made to make the family right. Not to forget my brother who always inspired me to be like him and father who thought me my morals. I will always strive hard like the way you guys strived for me to get me here, and make you proud one day.

To my beloved girlfriend who may never see this, I loved you so much always and even now. Departing ways was one of the maddest thing to go through. As I know for myself, everything happens for a reason. You have been my first true love and no other girl may replace you. Hope this time off lifts your bad times and someday, as gods plays are over, i would surely come back better and bigger. What you saw me 2 years back was me, you rejoiced me and we sure had our best times together.

This day upon I decide to take my route and not worry about what happened. Only thing i believe upon is you as a person and myself as a person. Growing up back and coming back strong is my whole idea.

All these days ive only dreamt of my future and never worked, its time to work my lazy ass off for my goals and desires, the very same goal driven guy you liked is now gonna go next level. Trust me.

Hereby I depart from this space to fill in my desires and return to you same like i promised to my girlfriend and myself.

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