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Soju 37 minutes ago 
Send a trade offer
Homonculus Oct 16 @ 1:15pm 
added for karambit
DeepFox Oct 15 @ 8:39am 
Added to trade
I hate my life Oct 14 @ 12:53pm 
Added to trade
Spooky Xerven ツ Oct 14 @ 8:28am 
i sent trade offer
Katarai Mitsu Oct 14 @ 7:47am 
It was nice to talk with you (seriously!) Successful bidding!:foxspirit:
Katarai Mitsu Oct 14 @ 2:17am 
profile of a fraudster posing as YOU!
Slobek B>QS SPELLS Oct 12 @ 12:30pm 
Hey i added u for trade
yu Oct 10 @ 10:51am 
Sent offer :projectstarship_smile::LIS_star:
badhitreg S> TF2/CSGO Oct 10 @ 4:12am 
-rep offers 140 keys in ♥♥♥♥♥♥ first gens for a knifestorm that would go for 400+
Helios Oct 10 @ 4:10am 
-rep rude impolite and toxic
dun Oct 9 @ 1:39pm 
sent offer
badhitreg S> TF2/CSGO Oct 7 @ 3:20pm 
Lol a) you ignored 3 of my ingame trade requests b) you said you're selling a double spelled bruisers bandana c) you unfriended me after i didn't respond for 10 MINUTES LOL
Swooping Evil Oct 7 @ 5:38am 
Buy stuff from me c:
badhitreg S> TF2/CSGO Oct 6 @ 12:46pm 
Euphoria Oct 6 @ 12:42pm 
more like bad
Santtu400 Oct 4 @ 2:40am 
Offer sent.
Vclox_ Sep 29 @ 6:10am 
Added, Interested in your Head Prize :)
badhitreg S> TF2/CSGO Sep 26 @ 6:01pm 
I sold that 2 months ago rotfl
rydog Sep 26 @ 3:45pm 
aye worth a shot. Don't be offended just because you were offered lower than expected :demoticon:
Mr_Liteks Sep 26 @ 8:54am 
added for double spelled spec ks festive wrench
perhaps-eron Sep 26 @ 4:41am 
[EDI] Vatheran Sep 23 @ 9:23pm 
Send a trade req. about the Muffs. If unhappy with offer, please add to discuss
badhitreg S> TF2/CSGO Sep 23 @ 7:32am 
fenfen Sep 23 @ 6:41am 
you better watch your pets too owo
badhitreg S> TF2/CSGO Sep 23 @ 6:36am 
Stay away from me and my family
fenfen Sep 23 @ 6:34am 
Joy Sep 22 @ 10:46am 
not interested in the head prize. thank you tho!
badhitreg S> TF2/CSGO Sep 18 @ 8:53am 
MeeM Sep 18 @ 8:44am 
I sent you an offer
ninja.gaming Sep 18 @ 6:05am 
badhitreg S> TF2/CSGO Sep 18 @ 5:54am 
*thud sound effect* bruh
ninja.gaming Sep 18 @ 5:50am 
im a Instagram comedian
badhitreg S> TF2/CSGO Sep 18 @ 5:26am 
ur funny
ninja.gaming Sep 18 @ 5:23am 
offer seriously plz
ninja.gaming Sep 18 @ 5:23am 
.starM Sep 18 @ 1:45am 
Not interested in the head prize
✞ₒnᵏ Sep 16 @ 2:57pm 
:rep2: :rep2: :ss13ok:
y3ezz Sep 15 @ 7:40pm 
added for quick question
badhitreg S> TF2/CSGO Sep 15 @ 4:42pm 
I'll comment here sincei cant comment on yours, i added you to ask about your hats
badhitreg S> TF2/CSGO Sep 15 @ 4:41pm 
Every time i tried to comment it said error. I intended to retract my add until it let me comment again but I must've forgotten.
󰀖Auth󰀖 Sep 15 @ 4:34pm 
I don't add people who don't leave comments. Please actually read my profile.
offering on the aussie :)
joku Sep 13 @ 8:07am 
badhitreg S> TF2/CSGO Sep 13 @ 8:02am 
Holy ♥♥♥♥ are you annoying
joku Sep 13 @ 7:41am 
not really interested in 1-3 gen effects. sorry
joku Sep 13 @ 6:38am 
If you're adding me for trading, I prefer you sending a trade before hand.
KujoAU Sep 13 @ 5:11am 
Don't have anything to offer on the stash anymore sadly, used the items to buy a g e rack and money, sorry
KujoAU Sep 12 @ 10:30pm 
Sent a trade offer, please add me if you have any questions or any means of negotiation :emofdr:
Darrok Sep 12 @ 11:10am 
I'm assuming you want to trade so the answer is no.