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ɴᴀᴍᴇ: You can call me whatever you want.
ʙ-ᴅᴀʏ : 𝟷𝟸 ᴍᴀʀᴄʜ 2000

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I N F O R M A T I O N :
:heartb: Welcome to my Profile! :heartb:
Hi! I'm a toxic sniper main, a generic edge-lord, and sometimes a typical server cancer. I'm a good friend, but also an asshole. I always get into keyboard fights, because I'm not afraid to talk shit about idiots. I don't get overly attached to something or someone, since I do believe you can't always get what you want. Again, I'm a sniper main, others call me 'snooper' because I'm edgy as fuck. I am a tryhard. I smash friendly parties when I feel like, doing it. I murder hoovies, toast spy crabs to a crisp, and destroy humping snipers. It's all in the name of actually winning the game. In CS, I'm shit. In TF2, I have a 50-50% chance of being either godlike or complete shit. I tend to react drastically to stupid people's actions though being one myself. Overall, I always keep my cool. Once you feel like you've awakened my wrath, don't take me lightly anymore, 'cuz I will come for your sorry ass. Kill them quick, taunt, shit talk them, and call the cops. That's how I roll. I'm a force to be reckoned with. I have a few rules when you're around me, or I'm around you.

:heartb: R U L E S :
✔️ NEVER get overly attached to ME. (Not your teddy bear, boy.)
✔️ DON'T invite me over and over again to your game. (I'm not blind.)
✔️ DON'T invite me to random groups. (Unless it's a giveaway group.)
✔️ DON'T shit with me. (You don't know what's about to hit you.)
✔️ DON'T be annoying. (I can be annoying too if you want.)
✔️ DON'T beg for items. (You want a free block?)
✔️ DON'T try to scam me. (Yes, 'try' me, bitch.)
✔️ DON'T try to shark me. (Oh wait, you can't.)
✔️ DON'T force me to accept your trade request/offer. (Shit traders.)
✔️ DON'T force me to add you. (I can add you! To my block list.)
✔️ DON'T take my jokes/pranks/idiocy seriously. (Got 'em!)
✔️ You should NOT have any trade bans. (No.)
✔️ You should NOT be a marked scammer on (Suspicion kills people.)
✔️ You should NOT have 5 or more untrust rating on (Trust you? Nah.)
✔️ BE patient when trading with me. (Discount or nah? Your choice.)

:heartb: Useful Links :
✔️ Trade Offer
✔️Reputation []

:heartb: S T A T U S :
✔️ Online: Laptop is on, probably playing games that aren't associated with Steam. You can chat me anytime you want.
✔️ Busy: Doing homeworks or reviewing some shit. You can chat me, but don't expect a reply. I rarely change my status to this.
✔️ Away: Out in the world doing random shit. You can chat me, but don't expect a reply.
✔️ Offline: Laptop is off, common sense people.
✔️ In-Game: Playing TF2/CS:GO, chat me or invite me anytime you want.

:heartb: Competitive History :
Team Fortress 2
Current Team: RaYzE Competitive Clan (Inactive)
✔️ UGC Season 24 | Steel: RaYzE Competitive Clan - Scout

:heartb: R O L E S :
Team Fortress 2
✔️ Main: Sniper
✔️ Secondary Main: Spy

:heartb: Fun Facts :
✔️ The birthday of this account is on the 24th of June 2016.
✔️ This is my 3rd account.
✔️ I got VAC banned thrice for trying LMAOBOX on TF2 (1st, 2nd, and 4th account of mine).
✔️ I merely create Steam Accounts for the sole purpose of playing TF2.
✔️ I still suck at TF2.

:heartb: N O T E :
I do not add random people/strangers. If you really want to add me, directly STATE YOUR REASON on my comments section, don't ask others to have me add you. I am still open to friend requests but if I rejected your friend request AND blocked you, then there must be a reason behind it. I will add you immediately if:
✔️ I know you in real life.
✔️ I met you somewhere in-game, and we had fun.
✔️ You're a friend of my friend.
✔️ You want to join my competitive team.
✔️ You want to trade with me.

:invrobot: End
End of the profile info!
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Fitz's Cocaine Palace - Public Group
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Adding for a Trade
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Added to discuss sent trade offer.
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your unusual is selling for 34 keys mine is 45 wanting 50+ in unusuals
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Send a trade offer
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Micajango (Medic Mann) Aug 16 @ 10:03am 
never say that you sent trade. last time i said that on someones profile i got 3 ppl pretending to be the person i sent the trade to.