azgalakitty - Taiwan#1!
The Britishy Queen of Pies   Melbourne, Florida, United States
Hellos! Welcome to my profile!

~~ Please Read on! ~~

About Me:
Meow, hi, and welcome! I'm just a nice kitty who likes gaming a bit too much.
I also love Galaga, Daytona USA, tiddies, kitties, cuddles, sex, pies, tiddies, sex, and pies!
I play randomly, even at midnight due to my sleep problems (insomnia FTW)! I can also be found on Reddit and Twitch soon .

Things to Know :
• Don't friend me cause I don't know you. You will be blocked.
• Don't add me if you're under 18. You will also be blocked.
• Cats are the best.
• Pie is good and TOTALLY healthy.
• Sex and cuddles is the best medicine.
• Failure to understand the first two pointers will result in death by Bobby :sentry:.
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t4ils Nov 24 @ 10:27pm 
Sebastian Oct 2 @ 8:25pm 
you are amazing
pls be mah fren!
¡ byteframe 😬 is busy ! Jul 31 @ 4:57pm 
T.TV/ibbKitty™ Jul 19 @ 6:31pm 
+REP Kinky kitty, who will do anything for an uber. ;)
December Basement Jul 15 @ 7:49pm 
every nice soldier
Gaminator Jul 13 @ 7:04pm 
+rep Ballsy Medic in competitive. 5/5 would play with again