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Banette enthusiast, Vitz RS owner, semi-professional idiot
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PC Specs:
-ATI Mobility Radeon X1600 @ 0.3GHz
-3DFX Voodoo 2
-8 inch portable TV
-DVD drive
-Windows XP SP1
-Unsigned mouse drivers (risky ooooooo)
-Apple Magic Mouse
-Razer DeathStalker XXL Ultra "Punch Your Mum In The Tits" Edition
-mini usb vacuum cleaner
-Hot Wheels™ Monitor
-Signalex ULTRA BASS Earbuds
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陽光 H.248 13 лют о 10:52 
duals for trade?
Quatro | B>Backpacks 13 лют о 1:05 
Added to trade^^
Lil' Brimstone 26 січ о 17:55 
gay comment
frog boi 25 січ о 12:25 
added to ask about negev kekw
Aceien 24 січ о 15:51 
Santa Groot 12 січ о 16:55 
Are you gay?