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Celtic Crusader v2
Collection by AyesDyef
Welcome to the version 2 of the Celtic Crusader's set!
Celtic Crusader
Collection by AyesDyef
Few have heard about the celtic crusade, but it was a spiritual movement taking place over large areas of medieval europe, where men with armor and weapons attempted to spread their culture of fighting and drinking by getting drunk and fighting. The move
Ishikawa Goemon
Collection by AyesDyef
A set based on the legendary thief, Ishikawa Goemon, overall sneaky person, unfortunately failed an assassination, and was publically executed by being cooked alive. Fitting for the Spy himself.
The Marchrius Rossi
Collection by AyesDyef
With this slick hairdo and hard as iron muscles, nothing will be left living in your linear path of destruction!
The Stylish Spy
Collection by AyesDyef
The Stylish Spy. A subtle gambling themed set, featuring a stylish open coat, a tipped down rigid Fedora with card belt, a hidden sleeve card/knife combination & a poker chip/roulette table watch.
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