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axio you sound like the guy who uploaded "Lets play LEGO City on WiiU" dude

Monsiuer : oh no not fuck

The giant heavy came earlier than expected

Drop Pochinki for PVP!

AxioToday at 9:04 PM: confirm on etf2l pls
RoquetToday at 9:04 PM: go fuck yourself
AxioToday at 9:05 PM: why
RoquetToday at 9:06 PM: Do you my player's dad died of cancer?

-Never ForeverYesterday at 9:08 PM
@ObiHomie say
cockwork 2 times
@ObiHomie say cockwork plz
1 time more
plz dude come on
say it 1 time

[Sniper] VexoYesterday at 11:32 PM
ur down?
[Spy] AxioYesterday at 11:32 PM
im up for it
[Sniper] VexoYesterday at 11:32 PM
hell yea

Oh you know, I've been travelling through the countryside today, as you know my grandmother's sister's step dad had invited me to dine at his mansion in Westmenshire, and imagine this! One poor boy decides to approach my carriage, and had the stomach to ask me for a penny! Ahaha, these poor souls have developed into savages, I tell you.
First this, and tomorrow they will have the guts to ask for minimal wages, and 60 hour work weeks!
What has this country come to? When my grandfather, may he Rest in Peace, was still with us, this didn't happen I tell you.

-Never ForeverToday at 10:20 PM
fuck you
-AxioToday at 10:20 PM
excuse moi
-Never ForeverToday at 10:20 PM
-AxioToday at 10:21 PM
what the fuck did you just type out
-Never ForeverToday at 10:21 PM
i typed
fuck you bitch
-AxioToday at 10:21 PM
-Never ForeverToday at 10:21 PM
i forget bitch
AxioToday at 10:21 PM
it was 1 min ago
Never ForeverToday at 10:21 PM
i will change it

-AxioToday at 10:29 PM
look at how rich i am
-AxioToday at 10:30 PM
i can now afford 1 NoVideo gpu to sacrifice on my AyyyMD shrine

p1mple‎ : i know how to hacking is going

Axio Today at 6:44 PM
pressure is a concept created by the FBI during the 1650s in order to make the population of the moon colonies believe they could breathe

Pepega :mega: MARMALOO

200 iq idk how, when u got beat with a sledgehammer when you were lil fucka

You're the one with the attitude, insulting a main and so on.
We have the same main you morron

xXx_pussy_slayer_xXx : i destroyed your mams pussy yesterday

aud : interp makes you a trash spy

arttu : axio is hacking he facestabbed me but counted as bacstab

SaltyToday at 4:50 PM
just had a crazy ass dream that I was in a huge mall and on one floor there were people that wanted me dead and I trickstabbed all of them with a roped kunai

*DEAD* Sick Wolf : go suck ur dick nigga
*DEAD* Sick Wolf : u trash sucker
*DEAD* Sick Wolf : spyfapper lul

Norex : go die in a cave cuntfuck shithole

Mr.GarlicBaguette : retarD

DesmondTheBear : Nice unusual Axio, how much was your ass whopped for stealing from your parents credit card to get it?

:meh: ok nvm im autist

SplEggplant : Jackpot.

[9:59 PM]
❅✮nurse✮❅ LFT HL:
I will see if they are good in protecting as well as give bonus points to join team with you eventually ahhahahaha
good Spies are my kink

Axio : nice dr
*DEAD* The shpee : KYS
The shpee left the game (Disconnect by user.)

Savo : Im really fucking good in Tf2 so Im always put up aginst 5 poink badges by myself
Savo : muted AXio :)
Savo : hang youreslf

DickSauceToday at 6:29 PM
oh holy mary of fucking jesus

heavy minigun sounds to relax/study

Blu ObiHomie cuck blockula

ginger-liam : slepdid has a bind to drop
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