Awake Tuber   Targu Jiu, Gorj, Romania
Hi! My name is Awake and I'am from Romania.
I have a YouTube channel, if you want check out some great quality content daily check out the link below and maybe subscribe if you're in this kind of stuff: youtube.com/awaketuber

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KothalKHAN Vor 8 Minuten 
CătăłiN #NR1 Vor 23 Minuten 
sal frate, as baiatu cu /salute 1 dp omegle bn?
BALLOONY Vor 2 Stunden 
ti-a zis-o bulgaru de mai jos awake
✪ dank memes here Vor 10 Stunden 
Why don't you play minecraft if you're playing metin 2. lol
I'm not saying that you are a bad youtuber but try to change your content, not that metin 2 meme xD ( I think just the 12years old kids watch your content.) Just stop that cancer or combine with minecraft to be a full time joke. :D
zaLukas69 cs.money Vor 22 Stunden 
+rep best youtuber!