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Well... What I can say. It is still expensive. Bit repetitive. And so on. But still nice game. But dlc really should be cheaper than that. its robbery. Luckily there is mods. but eh... still.... Sometimes I just want to watch sims burn.
Posted November 26, 2020.
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Not sure what to say. I like it. sometimes game AI is bad. and sometimes keyboard does not work. and sometimes it crashes pc. and after you got everything. its just boring. and you make new save with even harder but realise its already on hardest. and then comes the fun thing. you can mod your game o_o I really like it. its so much fun to make everything kill you instantly. but you kill them instantly if you sneak. oh boy the suspencion on sneaking. Thank you devs :)
Posted November 22, 2018.
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Early Access Review
So... This is something like early stage of pokemon.
This includes spoilers..

So.. at start it seemed nice . and fun ish. just killing everyone with fray. easy. well. till the end I only used fray. thou ya. there is times when you can't . also. level 30 fray is not enough to kill that goddes :D . where I am stuck now. I can't leave room and I can't level up / switch my team. because the shard thingy is bit too far. so ya. I am stuck now. Can't end the game. But ya. This game is nice. Good details and such .
Just some improvements needed.
Like out of map going, stuck in rooms, stuck with enemies 0 hp , stuck with no team left, stuck in talk,
minimap could be nice. and way to switch follower. hmm.
otherwise good game for start :) I just hope those amrita scenes would be more. some are not even nsfw.
also. I like how dragonfly dances :D its just beautiful and hypnotic
Gameplay 3/5 ish
Story 4/5 ish
Pictures 3/5

I look forward this to progress :) it has great potential. also. like fray amrita outfit. it would be nice to get in game char too. I mean that no clothes one. there is already like unicorn is totally nude. what is fun :D
but ya. if you like pokemon copies. this is good . :)

bit edit. if you buy equipment to nymphs. and equip it. then you buy other and accidentally equip it to same. it will erase the first one. and later on. the second one just vanishes. its kinda annoying and fun.

trying to grind my rat to beat up the boss xD . its so slow to grind
Posted May 21, 2018. Last edited May 21, 2018.
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Laggy glitchy weird and bit same as 2 but still fun :D . I love to tether stuff in stuff and aim badly to kill everything xD also no hp bar. you just get hit and regen it soon :3 . I wish I could buy this :s
Posted July 26, 2017.
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I dunno what to say what others haven't.. So I just say what comes in my mind. And its epic. just pure epic. I can't play this on full potential thanks to my pc. but game modes, customization, stuffs, people, community, mods, style D: its just pure epic. someday I have better pc so I don't have to play crap graphics and laggy :/ . but ya. You definitely should test this shooter game :D . its awesome and ITS FREAKING FREE GAME :D . <3 thanks valve :p . oh one more good thing. Random drops :3 . mostly guns and boxes... but I can wish :3 someday...

1900 hours +
Still. I love this game but random crits... man.. they hurt
walk out of spawn. boom random crocket...
almost your uber full. boom random crit hits you and you die
almost anything accomplished ... yup.. random crit
with new contracts... like 5 kills in life.. for example... I get 4 and random crit outta nowhere kills me xD

2900 hours ish
still I like this game. but its getting more boring. due lack of updates and so. but community servers are cheering up. still. I would say. if you are bored. and so.Go 2Fort and chill :D
Posted November 23, 2016. Last edited July 1, 2019.
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Early Access Review
I must say. Paladins has potential :D . But it feels like grinding. Before you hate me. This is how I see it. Trying to log in . get to match. there is many maps what is good. but same thing. run to middle. shoot everything. cap. push the payload. repeat. or dont cap and dont let them push the payload. After 30 hours of doing this. it stopped feeling that good. I will still play. and master all characters. get all cards. make my own style. I will not stop playing :D .
What we need
+ more game modes (capture the flag, barik fortress invade, sneaking, just point capping, deathmatch list goes on)
+ more skins. not just recolours.... they are dum :D not for all ... but for me
+ punish those who leave or afk the whole match....
+ maybe some missions ? like kill 30 people with pip main attack

I think thats all :D
and I thank you for
+ being free to play
+ interesting champion design. with cards
+ nice skins. (like eyepatch for russian guy and some others)
+ 50 gems per week for activity.
+ being good game :D

Thanks for reading :) Youll see me in game :P ( I am ancientbot)
testing out bugs xD . already found few amazing ones XD
Posted September 29, 2016.
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Early Access Review
So... This is my reviev. in english :D . so. This game is great. in some ways. like customing, consept, graphics. There is even few girl "monsters" too :D . but still my favourite is corpus. free. and so on. So.. I would recommend to atleast try this game.
time for positives and negatives
+ Graphics.
+ Idea
+ Many heroes to choose from
+ Key idea. so you can test out stuff
+ practicing. only way to really grind like insane
+ Roles. Good idea :)
+ Rank stars. make your breed stronger. thou... very very little amounts.....
+ weird dungeons :D . I love those and those chests with 500 gold in them :p
+ 2 level maps to choose from at start. :)

- Pay to win kinda game... or grind like h3ll . because I have been playing a lot ... and just got corpus to level 5 . and did not get that box or what ever.
- Like I said. Grind grind grind
- Customing. How does it work? I know. we cant use more than 1k to stuff. but come on. let us then sell what that class has?? most breeds have like 10-200 coins. and you can buy like hood or potion with that >.<
- Everything costs much :/
- Multiplayer mode doesnt work.
- Bug and glitches. bosses getting out from their cave. characters getting out of field to stuck somewhere... camera doesnt move sometimes. ranking up rewards doesnt work. game deletes some progress in weird ways. like I got rank star. used it to upgrade strenght.. what ever... and closed the game. and star was lost but my level was still there... and rank 5 did not give chest or that chest is well hidden
- More game modes than kill everything? how about like capture flag . last man standing . etc?
- More info / help needed.
- Practice mode actually uses more interet than multiplayer mode :D ping is way higher in those

So.. Hard to say do I recommend this game. I say yes if you put money in this game. I say no if you want to play f2p but if you love to grind then yes.

So.. I hope this helped. and sorry about my english. I mostly speak finnish.
Posted April 6, 2016.
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1.5 hrs on record
Early Access Review
After discovering some fun bugs and stuff. Its still very much fun :) If you like just to kill all zombies like maniac go for it :D . But ya... Fix the bots AI and all good :) . sometimes they stop shooting and just starts punching stuff and dies :D or throw granade at you when there is one zombie behind you :p . Thumbs up! :D Very good game
Posted January 20, 2016.
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141.6 hrs on record (85.5 hrs at review time)
Early Access Review
What can I say :D . This is one epic game! :D . keep updating :) . we like new stuff
Posted November 27, 2015.
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2.2 hrs on record
I liked this game. It has some negative sides like long distance runnings because bagpacks are hard to find (thanks for autorunning btw :p ) and buggy zombies :D . Other thing is no singleplayer mode :/ . My internet sucks so multiplayer servers are laggy to me D: . thats why I have to wait for singleplayer mode :/ . Few more negative sides are 1. you dont know the sell value for your items. ( I thought my shotgun is worth more than my pistol <.< . so I took shotgun with me from town.... I could not even sell it D: . pistol was worth more.. ) 2. This is not so negative side. Xp and skills would be nice addon :D . Then the positive ones :) . 1. This game is challenging 2. Autorun :D . you can just set your way and press autorun key.. it runs there :D 3. Epic stamina for running 4. Graphics 5. Zombies :3 . cute and smart and unique ones :D . 6. Safe zones. (I wish they were closer to towns and cities <.< . ) So. I say. Good game :) . not much to make it even better :D . oh.. 7. This is free game :D! 8. ofcourse.. crafting :) . so nicely done one :D . damn this is long text D: and messy <.< . But ya. Thumbs up for ya :D!
Posted November 24, 2015.
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