My personal discord: https://discord.gg/T46FJJZ
My Shrimp Emoji discord: https://discord.gg/eQ3bzFq

If I've removed you from Steam, and you would like to be added back, shoot me a friend request. If you've added me, but I don't recognize who you are, then I may not add you back.

My Bio:
Im 24, female, that recently graduated from university with a degree in Forensic Investigation. In my free time, I love music, making art, and especially gaming.

Im just your average gamer. I play a lot of Gmod, especially TTT, although my origins in Gmod started in PH. My staffing experience includes:
Current Admin for Dinklebergs TTT
Current Moderator for Dinklebergs PH
Current Head of Staff for Aviators TTT (Currently Inactive Community)

Ex Admin for Carbon Castles TTT (self demoted to Supporter then went inactive don't ask)
Ex Admin for Tr0nGaming PH
Ex Trusted for Dinklebergs DarkRP (RIP server)
Ex Admin for Mari's RP

If you are a player/staff from any of the servers I currently staff, and you have questions, feel free to add me and ask away.

Other games I enjoy:
Rainbow Six Siege
Golf With Friends
Don't Starve
Town of Salem

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