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Posted: Jun 8 @ 7:21pm

This game is just a joy to play. The writing and characters are on point and the art is gorgeous. The world of the game just gets richer and more interesting as you open up each new part of the city, each new character, and each new "enemy". Even though I was (jokingly) sure I had the secret twist figured out within the first 20 minutes--and even named my character accordingly--I was delighted at the actual reveal, which had an additional layer I hadn't predicted.

Genuinely murky moral decisions are difficult to do in video games, and I think Wadjet Eye does a great job here of having situations where you as a player (or you roleplaying as your character) can decide either: which action you can stand to take, or which consequences you can stand to live with, depending on how you look at such things. The game rolls with your choices/consequences and is happy to prove it was taking notes in its final segment, but it doesn't feel bludgeony.

If you like narrative-heavy games and either like or want to try a point-and-click adventure, this is a wonderful one to try.
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