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Hi There!
I'm an Administrator of Lazarus Servers.

Server Website: http://lazarusservers.com/
Server rules:
No mic/music spamming of any kind via voice chat.
No spamming of the text chat. Links to websites, Hateful comments, or inappropriate content.
No racism. No cheating. This might also result in a kick or ban depending on the circumstances.
Respect the admins and their decisions.

Can I appeal my ban directly through you?
Yes you can. Contact me why you were banned and give me a valid reason why I should unban you.

Are you tired of not being able to get rid of those abnoxious micspammers? :D Be sure to Purchase Vip and other accesories from our store! http://lazarusservers.com/store/

How do I find your other servers?
You can simply search for "LN" in the community server browser, or you can use one of the IP addresses listed below.

(East Coast)

[LN] Ez BHOP 24/7 - !KNIFE, !WS, !HATS ->
[LN] 24/7 Surf Utopia - !KNIFE, !WS, !HATS ->
[LN] 24/7 Surf Kitsune - !KNIFE, !WS, !HATS ->
[LN] 24/7 Surf Rookie - !KNIFE, !WS, !HATS ->
[LN] -1v1- Arena #1 | New York | !KNIFE, !WS ->
[AB] -1v1- Arena #2 | New York | !KNIFE, !WS ->

(West Coast)

[LN][LA] 24/7 Surf Utopia - !KNIFE, !WS, !HATS ->
[LN][LA] 24/7 Surf Kitsune - !KNIFE, !WS, !HATS ->

Type "connect" (replacing ip with a specific server) to connect to a server!
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