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Hello, my dudes.
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I'm awful at writing stuff like this. Um, hey I'm Austin. I'm 21 and I'm currently a Nursing major who thinks he's a total loser. I like to play video games and I like to trade virtual hats. Currently trading up to eventually cash out and pay for a huge chunk of student loans. Outside of my computer, I'm usually up to some body building, keeping rare and exotic reptiles as pets, and travelling with amazing friends to parts unknown. Add me to trade, game, or just make friends with me. Just comment down below! I can be a bit shy at first, but over time we can definitely down with making good friends as long as you aren't a dick.

Rules About Adding

- I will NOT Trade with ANY Marked Scammer or Private Profiles

- I will usually accept all friend requests (if you comment first) and don't mind if we talk. However, I will delete you if you beg for items, try to scam me, or just act like a dick.

- For inquiring on Unusual items, feel free to add me so that we can discuss pricing. Just make sure to leave a comment below so I can confirm your request

- For inquiring on items that are NOT unusual quality or do not stand a high value, please use the provided trade link via or tf2outpost.

Important Links

Here are some links to my classifieds, item inventory, and personal information:

Thanks for taking the time to read everything! Have a good day and remember, only you can prevent forest fires.
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Taking Offers on the above Unusuals! Feel free to add me if any interest you! Prices for each are avaliable here:
DongaConga LFT Dec 10 @ 7:31am 
added to interest you in a green energy prehistoric pullover
You're going to become a pornstar
If you could sit down with your 15-year | 🎍 | 💙 | 👹 | 🌽 | 🎫 | 🐊 | 👳 | 🚘 |
old self, what would you tell him or her? | 💃 | 🌳 | 👔 | 💚 | 🌸 | 😺 | 👃 | 👽 |
j58 Nov 27 @ 7:31am 
wanted to offer on the razor cut
adding to talk about your unusual gauzed gaze.
eliasztek Nov 22 @ 2:23am 
added to talk about for unu tc