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10:03 PM - KO|Shinma: I would like to share with you a story concerning fatherhood. My son was playing Goat Simulator and was whining that he couldn’t complete a mission. Without even thinking or a moment of preponderance I told him he needed to get gud and quit having me do the missions for him. I said it without thinking and only in retrospect had I realized that I had just told my son to “get gud.” The end.
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One of my favorite games of all time, XCOM: Enemy Unknown successfully combines deep tactical gameplay and RPG elements into a single, glorious package. Due to recent extraterrestrial attacks, the XCOM Project has been activated and you have been appointed as its commander. Your duties include directing the initiative's research, sending order to the engineering department, selecting and hiring the best soldiers for the job, and commanding said soldiers in battle. You'll also be building and modifying satellites and aircraft to provide intel and defense against the alien threat as well.

As the war progresses, the alien invasion forces will become increasingly dangerous. New alien types with more advanced equipment and abilities will show up throughout the war to catch XCOM offguard. Fortunately, this is where your research department tips the scales in your favor. After eliminating an enemy threat you will acquire alien materials and corpses that your scientists will be able to study. Common results from these studies include new gear options for your soldiers, additional aircraft and air-based weaponry, new facilities to build in your base, and more that will further your cause. I was always very excited when my research resulted in a new piece of gear based on alien tech that was significantly more efficient than what I had previously used.

In addition to improvements to their gear, your soldiers will gain promotions as they acquire experience in combat. Each of the four classes has a unique tech three that they will progress down as you see fit. Each rank allows you to choose one of two options that will offer new abilities to use or passive buffs to the unit's overall efficiency. One Heavy soldier may be built around specializing with his rocket launcher, another might be entirely focused on maximizing their machine gun capabilities, and a third might have a combination skills from both skill lines.

There are two other aspects of XCOM that I feel need to be mentioned in addition to the standard mechanics: Second Wave and Long War. Second Wave is a menu full of options that is unlocked after having completed the game once. These drastically change the mechanics of the game and include changes such as a semi-randomized skill tree for your units where one, or potentially both, of their options for a particular rank offer skills that are not usually allowed to that profession. For example, you might have an Assault trooper who has an advanced talent with medicine that is capable of healing their allies for significantly more health, an ability that is usually Support-only.

Long War, on the other hand, is an unofficial mod created by players who saw the opportunity to futher improve an already great game. Though there are plenty of mods out there, none that I have seen can come close to comparing to the ambition shown in Long War. I won't go into the details here but I find that it improves almost every aspect of the game for me. If you're interested, read more on it here:

There are very few people that I wouldn't recommend this game to. The variety of difficulty options makes it an enjoyable game whether you're a more casual player of if you're a hardcore masochist (I'm looking at you Impossible/Ironman). The mechanics are great, the atmosphere is fantastic, and everyone who I've spoken to who has played has had numerous stories to share that are a lot of fun to hear. Just remember, you'll be losing a lot of soldier that you've customized grown attached to.

Now stop reading and save the world from the alien menace, Commander!
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Gurl, I was just looking at your profile and noticed a post that I made on it from January of 2010. We been homies fo-evah.
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"In non-Steam game
Two Girls, One Cup: The Video Game"
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Thanks for the add, like the games you're playing!