Grand Junction, Colorado, United States
!! LOOK AT THE RULES BELOW !! (Seriously, I mean it.)

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Who am I exactly? Well, just some person who perhaps has addiction problems when it comes to pokemon, but that doesn't really matter right? I mostly play games (You'll see me play TF2 fairly often. But I also Play Overwatch now.) And I also like making art as a hobby.

If you wish to see my art go check this link right here, [/url] I hope you guys enjoy your day.


1.) No random friend requests. I only take requests from those whom I trust. (Look at the information below)

1.5) If I decline your friend request. Please don't complain, or spam me with freind requests. (Because I'll just block you completely.)

2.) I will not stand for death threats, insults or spam. Any comments on my profile that falls into those catagories WILL be deleted.

3. If you are a friend of mine, don't be a jerk to me or my other freinds.

4. Please send me FAIR trade requests. (I.E Don't try to scam me.)

5. Enjoy. :-3

About Friend invites:

- If your profile is private. Then I am sorry to say. But I will decline your friend request. (Unless you are someone I know)

- If you have a name that is related to sexual activities (Or..really anything inappropriate or edgy.) then you will be blocked.

- If you wanna trade with me, and you already aren't a friend of mine. Then please don't add me. Instead use this link:

My Trade link!~ :-3

to send me a trade offer.

Items I am looking for in TF2:

None as of now.

Addtional info:

- Yes, I like Pokemon. :-3

- Before you say anything about it, NO I AM NOT A WEEABU Nor a Furry. So don't even think about it.

If you have any questions ask me in the comment section below. PEACE!
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Sni Sni.~
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Ello!~ x3
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Hallöchen Mein Freund. : )
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