AuntieDone (My Mad)
Festive Kitty
I am obligated to say that my Profile Pic was made by Caek

MINE: Nicknames that cant be used by others:
Uncle Done:
Auntie Done:

Hello, this is my only profile, even though idk why someone would impersonate me.

I absolutely adore the original TF2 festive weapons, specifically the Festive Rocket Launcher.

Never look at someones outward appearance to judge them, look at one's heart.

Best and Longest Friend on steam that i still and always will communicate with: LaztOnezLeftZtanding

Partner in crime: Grey

My Pybro: Mostly Ham-less

My Previous and current Bosses:
Police Pyro (Police Fortress 2)
& (Ampersand) (White Wall Plaster)
Uxie (Uxie's Amazing Ass Server)


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[Member] Engineer : 3 men walked into a bar, youd think at least one of them would have ducked

[Unique Member] Shulk: go my goons

[Unique Member] Shulk: retweet me 4 times africa I wont be a greaser

Dream Unusual: Molten Mallard Front Runner Painted Mann Co. Orange

Current Unusual Goals: Kill-a-watt Black Watch, Disco Beat-Down Danger
Sweet Streamers: In No PARTICULAR Order
1. Gir8Tacos:
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merry christmas :tanuki:
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you have an unhealthy obsession
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Those are some wise words Caek
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