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Games that I don't play: RPGs, MOBAs, MMOs

This is the first video game that i've owned: Nintendo Game & Watch Bombsweeper []

In 1st grade I got the Nintendo Gameboy. Next came the Sega MegaDrive, then the Sega Saturn. Also had a Gamecube, PSP and Nintendo DS for a while.
Also had a Xbox360, but that one got RROD out early.

Now I own like 5 or 6 Softmodded PS2s, with a gazillion games and lots of accessories. xD

Best Steam Tutorial around! []

My Sprays []

Wall of Fame [] :)
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I'm not accepting random friend requests!
Please do not randomly add me to your friendslist. I've already got tons of steamfriends and I am only accepting people that I already know from some place from now on.


- Intel® Xeon E3-1230 v2
-16 GB DDR3 Dual Channel Corsair Vengeance 1866 Mhz
-MSI GTX 770 Twin Frozr Gaming
-MSI Z77-G43
-256GB SSD

I'm pooor ;(((

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these items arent up for trade, unless u plan on seriously overpricing on them^^
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Best Fun-Racer ever! Go get it, it's countless hours of fun!
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In diesem Video zeige ich euch ein paar Steam Spiele,
mit den ihr mehr als 2000 Errungenschaften in weniger als 2 Stunden Farmen könnt.
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"I'm pooor ;((("
5367 games say something different :cry: