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Keyboard: HyperX Mars RGB Mechanical Keyboard
Mouse: HyperX Pulsefire FPS PRO RGB Gaming Mouse
Headset: HyperX Cloud II
Mouse Mat: Logitech G640 large


Razer Taipan
Logitech G502

Teamfortress 2/CSGO in game mouse settings


DPI: 800
sensitivity: 1.9


DPI: 800
sensitivity: 1.9


DPI: 850


Rays Hud:


★UGC Highlander★
Highlander season 17 AUS/NZ cypher time HL- 11th
Highlander season 18 AUS/NZ Legendary Legion- 3rd
Highlander season 19 AUS/NZ The Steel Dream Team - 5th
Highlander season 20 AUS/NZ The Crippled Cartel - 2nd
Highlander season 21 AUS/NZ Platinum Stationary Breakfast - 8th
Highlander season 22 AUS/NZ Platinum Crippled Cartel- 6th
Highlander season 24 AUS/NZ Crippled Cartel- 6th
Highlander season 25 AUS/NZ Crippled Cartel- 7th
Highlander season 26 AUS/NZ Crippled Cartel- Disbanded

RIP Crippled Cartel S19-S26 (1 Top 10, 3 Top 6, 1 Top 3, S19 2nd)

★Respawn League HL★
Highlander Season 1 AUS/NZ 7/11 Never Forget- 5th

★6v6 UGC/OWL★
UGC 6s Season 21 AUS/NZ Seven- 3rd
OZF 15 Open Quantum Laboratories- 6th
OZF 17 Open Different Mentality- 10th
OZF 21 Open Lese- 7th
OZF 22 Intermediate Rocket Divison- 4th
OZF 23 Premier Cut For ( essence! ) - 5th
OZF Midsummer Night's Cup 2019 Premier Muslim Anime Fans- 3rd
OZF 24 Intermediate Sergeant ( essence! ) - 2nd
OZF 25 Premier Coffee Clock -

★Prolander (lol)★
AU RGL One Day Cup 7/11 Never Forget- 3rd
AU RGL Season 1 7/11 Never Forget AU- 4th

Fresh Meat Prolander Cup- Caster
Lan Downunder- Caster/Host
CappingTV- Caster/Analyst
The Spring Skirmish- Caster
Australian Hightower Highjinx- Caster
Lan Downunder 2019 secondary stream- Caster
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Requests to Join Usergroup: team immunity
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