United Kingdom (Great Britain)
Torn between boredom and insanity.

I play mostly platformers and RPGs, but I'll play games from any genre as long as they're interesting.

(Mostly known as Atrum and Lin on Discord)

My Discord chat:

Feel free to add me; I accept any and all friend requests (though it would be nice if you also told me why you're adding me, and at least had something to talk about). If we haven't talked in months and I don't know you too well I may remove you in the interests in keeping a clean friends list, but feel free to readd me if you wish to keep me around. I don't block anyone except scambots.

Availability may be inconsistent due to university lectures, studies and my highly erratic sleep schedule. I try to respond to all messages I receive though, so I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

I don't generally message people first unless I know them fairly well, but I'm always happy to talk with anyone, so don't be shy!
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