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The only game in which you and three other players are literally stuck in the same boat.

You can't jump in a match and do ... whatever. That doesn't fly here. This game at a base level requires some degree of coordination. But bring a modicum of sense and attention (and the ability to communicate either through text chat or microphone), and the community will more than happily bring you up to speed.

Some say Guns of Icarus is best played by buying a 4-pack and grabbing three buddies to play with you. That may be, but I wouldn't know, as I almost exclusively joined random matches for my first 800 matches, and had a complete blast doing so.

The game hasn't had any major updates lately, but what's there right now keeps me coming back again and again. Also, keep an eye out for the Alliance PvE DLC.

Another issue would be a relatively low (but stable) population. It seems to settle around 200 players during a weekday evening a couple months after the most recent sale. Check SteamCharts for more info. However, as the player population is mostly concentrated in the Americas and Europe, there might only be some 40 players or so when you decide to give GoI a spin 4AM in the morning. But you'll still be able to find a match, thanks to the existence of AI crewman! That is, as long as you're fine with flying the ship while everyone else on your ship is an AI.

Point is, don't worry about never getting into matches.

On sale or not, Guns of Icarus is quite the steal if it turns out to be your cup of tea. I highly advise those on the fence to watch some Youtube Lets Plays of the game. They'll give you a pretty good idea of what you'll be flying into.

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+rep, fair trade
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this is kelvin from sgc
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Congrats on the level up (Lvl 41), and for the 5 year badge.

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Yo Greg, this is Jemmy. How are you doing?
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Don't ignore me son. Embrace me.
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No m8, I'm not trading with you, I'm not crazy.