Horváth Attila   Budapest, Budapest, Hungary

I like: Nice, kind, peaceful and politely attitude (one by one or all in one) . Forgiveness. Play together by organized. Smile at each other.
I dislike: Mocking who did a mistake, ruin the others game or fun, impoliteness and the unreasonable hatred.

It isn't all. But you can figure out of these few information about what could be more. If you aren't sure, feel free ask me about what you would like to know. Don't worry, the most of worst things what I can say to you I don't know. , I don't understand. or The question is too personal, sorry.

P.S. I'm still learning English so please be patience with my bad language knowledge.

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Killing Floor 2 Trade Topic

1, Short details about me.
2, When I am offline , or Online with Mobile-device.
3, My talking talent.
4, Fur.
5, If you see me playing one of the ”Killing Floor” games.
6, I am still learning English.
7, Who am I ...
8, +Links

1, Short details about me.
Ages: More than thirty years old.
Gender: Male.
Behaviour: I am mostly calm and quite . I like to be polite and nice with people who nice with me.
Religiosity: Yes, I am.

2, When I am offline , or Online with Table-device.
I work a lot , unfortunately/fortunately. I am usually free in weekdays and one of the weekend day’s afternoon.
In the weekdays, while I am working, I can use my notebook, but not all the time. Therefore, I am offline in these times because of I do not want confuse you that I can play. But, I respond your comment or chat message as soon as I can.

I use Steam-Android application, but please, if you see the mobile-phone mark, do not send me important message while I am using that, because I cannot promise I could reply due to the known chat bug there.
I suggest that you leave a comment on my Steam-profile or send me an e-mail .

3, My talking talent.
Unfortunately , I do not have much to talk .
I don’t have an interesting life, I usually work, sleep, chore, play, sleep, work.
I would like to talk with nice people, but you can see, it is hard to me to continue a conversation like this;
X: Hi.
Atlaimond: Hi.
X: How are you?
Atlaimond: Fine. And you?
X: I am fine too.
But, if you and I have got a good theme which I know something about, then I can talk.

4, Fur.
First I met this kind of enthusiasm about middle of the year 2014. Personally, I do not like call myself Furry. But, it is okay if you would like to talk with me like that.

5, If you see me playing one of the ”Killing Floor” games.
”Killing Floor 1-2” are ”Online co-operative” games. If you see me playing with one of them, please keep in mind that I cannot reply to your messages, because I mostly play on the hardest difficulty there, and therefore, I usually do not have time to answer, because I cannot pause the game, and I would not like let down the good team-mates. They would be angry at me.

5, I am still learning English.
I have chosen the UK English / British English .
I had begun to learn with a little book
Oxford , Elementary New Headway English Course , by Liz and John Soars”. []
After that, I had continued to learn with a
Kis Angol Nyelvtan [].

These were teaching me to understand English in my native language way. But, I wanted more. Therefore, my English teacher suggested to me that I buy an English-English textbook. Then I bought the
Cambridge, English Grammar in Use . [] book.

I buy time by time ”Oxford Bookworms” story books with audio CDs. I am listening what they say, the readers, while I am reading the words of the book. In this way, I try improve my English speech, listening, and my grammar skills.
Book I had already read:
Stage 1 – Sherlock Holmes and the sport of kings.
Stage 1 – Under the Moon.
Stage 2 – Voodoo Island.
Stage 2 – Dead Man's Island.
Stage 2 – The Canterville Ghost.
Stage 3 – Chemical Secret.
Stage 3 – Frankenstein.
Stage 3 – The Last Sherlock Holmes Story.
(Stage 6 is the maximum so, I am on halfway to the maximum.)

And I have been subscribed to the
English Lessons with Alex (engVid AlexESLvid)
It is a YouTube channel. He looks a nice teacher, and as much as I see, he teaches enthusiastically.

6, Who am I ...
I strongly dislike tell to you who I am. If you would like to predict who I could be, then I suggest you to read the comments below and see what the others said about me.
You could see different kind of comments in there. If you want more, then you can ask me.

I have to admit that I deleted some these negative comments in the past. So, it is not 100% correct. I found them so painful , and I though those were not true.
I have promised to myself that I will not delete more comments from my Steam-Profile page!
I let the world know who hates me, and who likes me. That is fair.

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If you interested in reading it or just take a look at it.
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Thank you, DJDaniel01 . I try my best and I’m glad to hear that we can be nice pals.
Take care, DJDaniel01 .
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+rep Nicest guy I have ever met.
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To AS02 eteretnoi :

To cocara4a-BG :
I unfotunaely haven’t seen them so far. I was always busy with something else, and when I had done with them, I was too tired or forgot to take a look at them. Maybe today.
Take care, cocara4a-BG .
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new items come look crazy :)