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I think I'm not the only one when I say that my favourite part of the classic series is Resident Evil 2. The main reason is probably the fact that it took place in an urban environment for a change instead of the usual creepy residence, altough we only get to spend a minor portion of the game outdoors, since the police station is basically the redesigned version of the mansion from the first part (unfortunately I've never played the 3rd part which also takes place in Raccoon City and has much more city landscape in it). So when Capcom announced the remake of Resident Evil 2 after the release of Resident Evil 0, I was obviously excited.

On his first day of duty, a police officer, Leon S. Kennedy finds Raccoon City overrun by living dead. After meeting Claire Redfield (we can also play as her), sister of one of the protagonists of the first game, he finds the local police station deserted and almost all police officers dead. Joining forces with a mysterious female agent he makes his way to the underground laboratories of the pharmaceutical company Umbrella, where he discovers the source of the problems.

Fortunately Capcom realized that Resident Evil 7 was a mistake, so the only thing the game retained from it, was its engine.
Despite the improvements the game is still the same old survival-horror with slight adventure elements we remember: provided with scarce amounts of ammunition we must get past enemies, combine and use items to solve puzzles and engage powerful bosses (these fights cannot be avoided) who tend to return in a more powerful form from time to time.
The atmosphere is even better than it was, fighting zombies in the dark corridors of the police station is scarier than ever, thanks to the great lighting effects and the shadows. The original was quite gruesome already, but this time - mainly due to the detailed visuals - it's often utterly disgusting. Zombies take damage to their certain bodyparts and lose limbs accordingly (strangely enough it applies to zombies only, so shooting a licker in the leg will not immobilize it) in the bloodiest way immaginable. They chase us through doors and the only secure place from them are the 'safe rooms' with the typewriters (used for saving our progress).
One of the new things is bringing back the use of defensive items from Resident Evil HD REMASTER. Once we are grabbed by a foe, the only way to escape is to use one of these special items, such as knives, flash- and hand grenades. What's worse, knives can no longer be used infinitely anymore to take out downed zombies, they'll break eventually. It's important to note, that these defensive items can be used actively with greater efficiency, so if we use a flash grenade to escape the clutches of a zombie it will stun that single one and no one else, while throwing it actively it'll daze an entire room of enemies.
Weapons can be upgraded (altough some of them doesn't seem to do much) and we can also mix gunpowders (?) to create bullets/shells, similar to the well-known different coloured herbs.

To my surprise instead of the old fixed camera perspective the game uses 3rd person over the shoulder view, which makes the game much more playable and immersive. Finally, unlike in the 4th and 5th installment we are now able to move AND fire at the same time. Even with this 'feature' we are going to feel overwhelmed against our opponents: even the slowest zombies are basically faster than us and our basic pistols are weaker than ever. Shooting enemies in the head is no easy task: it bobbles and they love to charge at us in zig-zags, not to mention that critical hits are very rare (Wesker's pistol seems to have a higher chance). Aiming at the legs seems to be solution once again, since now we can even dismember zombies (just like in Dead Space[]).

The characters are great and so are the dialogues, there's no trace of the terrible and awkward converstations present in the original. Leon is probably the easiest for anyone to identify themselves with in the Resident Evil universe: he is not a super agent (yet, haha), just a simple cop on his first day. Regardless of this, the story is still at the level of an average B movie, but that's just how Resident Evil is.
Leon and Claire have slightly different campaigns and I must say I was disappointed with the number of differences: 95% of the gameplay is the same, there are only about 2 rooms and areas which are only available for one of them and vice versa, the same applies to the bosses. The solution of the puzzles are slightly modified and the weapons they find are completely different (as usual, the female protagonist, Claire gets to use the more powerful weaponry - a grenade launcher and a submachinegun).
Another difference is between the 2 subscenarios, in Leon's case we control Ada, while with Claire we play as Sherry, a little girl. Both of these are about 10-10 minutes long so it doesn't provide much variety either. Because of this, playing the game through the second time with a different character feels a bit boring. There are some additional scenarios after we beat the game, but these are more like timed runs with supporting characters that add nothing to the plot.

While the graphics seem amazing, some elements, especially the textures on some objects show signs of fluctuating quality: the cars in the garage under the police station look very bad, no matter how high we set the graphics detail. The hair of the characters looks nowhere near as good as it does in Tomb Raider. I must emphasize that the game has excellent visuals, but the contrast between a few things is noticeable. Also, if we don't set the shadow quality to high, there'll be observable stripes on the walls. In my opinion the graphics in Resident Evil 7 were better, except for facial animations.
The sound design is amazing, for me it was one of the best parts of the game. I like the new music, but I must admit the old one is the real deal (even if it's too loud at times even on low volume), which we can purchase as a DLC (it's included in the deluxe edition).

I was surprised that the game offers no co-op gameplay mode. For some reason I thought Capcom wouldn't release it without some form of multiplayer. This game just begs for a co-op mode.
Storywise some parts were changed, for example the role of the police chief and for the worse unfortunately. We can only meet the mayor's daughter in an expansion scenario.
I also had some problems with the flashlight which Leon/Claire turns on/off automatically, sometimes even when being in pitch black areas. Inventory management is terrible, yet still better than in any of the classic games and this time it's at least expandable.

Capcom has made an amazing remake of an already great game that every Resident Evil - horror fan should play. It's a shame for some missed opportunities and flaws. The game provides plenty of fun, if we decide to play through all 4 (altough quite similar) alternative paths and the timed runs. For me this game is right there along with Resident Evil 4 as the best ones in the franchise.

+ the excellent atmosphere of the original
+ over the shoulder view
+ even scarier than the classic RE games
+ great visuals
+ superb audio
+ additional subscenarios

- very similar paths with some illogical elements
- some parts of the story are not as detailed as they were in the original
- some minor technical problems
- (absence of co-op mode)


Thanks for the game Chudah!
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