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Unlocked Sep 7, 2017 @ 3:53pm

Train Complete

Complete the train.
Unlocked Sep 7, 2017 @ 6:06am

Taking the Sting Out

Defeat Stinger.
Unlocked Sep 7, 2017 @ 4:29pm

Centurion Disciplinarian

Defeat Centurion.
Unlocked Sep 7, 2017 @ 6:10am

Zero In

Defeat an enemy with a critical-hit headshot.
Unlocked Sep 7, 2017 @ 6:14am

This is How You Recycle

Create a Molotov Cocktail.
Unlocked Sep 7, 2017 @ 6:23am

Fashion Plate

Change into a costume.
Unlocked Sep 7, 2017 @ 3:54pm

Here I Come to Save the Day

Attack an enemy to save your partner who is grappling with that enemy.
Unlocked Sep 6, 2017 @ 4:42pm

Sit, Boy, Sit! Good Dog

Break free of a Cerberus while they are biting you or trying to push you down.

S is for S.T.A.R.S.

Finish the game with rank S.

From Zero to Hero

Finish the game on Hard difficulty.

Who's Got the Herb?

Finish the game without combining herbs.

Save Your Prayers

Finish the game without saving.

Allergic to First Aid Spray

Finish the game without using a First-Aid Spray.

This is Serious Business

Finish the game without using a recovery item (including Green Chemicals).

Burned Alive

Defeat an enemy by burning them.

Dead, Dead, Deadski

Defeat a zombie by stomping on them.

Guns are Too Quick

Defeat an enemy with a knife.

Misdirected Hostility

Destroy a zombie's legs.


Read all files.

Apprentice of Unlocking

Obtain all keys and use them all.

Find Time to Combine

Combine every type of herb with each other.

I Could Shoot, You Know

Obtain all weapons.

I'm a Medic, Not a Bodybuilder

Try to push something heavy with Rebecca.

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