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Posted: Oct 1, 2016 @ 1:16pm
Updated: Oct 1, 2016 @ 1:17pm

This game is genuinely fun for me - I have an equestrian background and I find it very relaxing to play, and fairly realistic to the mechanics of both horse movement, and of course building and jumps in real life. However, it's a free to play game that's heavily gated by premium purchases - to the point where you get less than 10 minutes of free play for an hour of sitting around waiting for your action points to regenerate. At $10 a month you can increase this a lot - but it's still not unlimited. If this game was $10-20 to buy and unlock, with perhaps a few premium purchases for the ranked matches and tournaments (with prizes to make it worth it), then I would pay for it. But $10 a month + diamonds to upgrade gear + tickets to enter tournaments = money money money.

* Realistic and responsive gameplay
* Loads of solo play courses, including user created courses, some of which are really very detailed (like the replicas of the olympic courses!)
* Create your own courses with extensive options
* Ranked games and tournaments
* Lots of upgradeable equipment and stats - good progression

* Severely gated by time without spending real money.
* Gated upgrades without spending money.
* Gated tournament entries without spending money.
* Basically extremely hard to play without spending considerable sums ($10 a month + lots of extras).

Relaxing game with a ton of content for those who enjoy equestrianism, but sadly made unplayable unless you're going to spend oodles of cash. Such a pity.
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